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    Transfer case/rear end slop question 2001 sport 4x4

    Hi guys, I have a question about an issue I've been having that I want to fix, and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction so I don't replace stuff blindly. For the past 5k miles or so, if I take off from a complete stand still I get what feels like a tiny bit of slack in the...
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    Power Steering Fluid Flush: 4.0 SOHC

    I think I'm going to have to do a full flush now as well. I'm usually a supporter of using power steering fluid in power steering systems, but 3 days ago I did a 2 quart turkey baster swap while circulating the fluid for 20 lock to lock turns in between swaps. I used prestone non synthetic...
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    ANOTHER door lock thread (just a question)

    Hi guys, I've read some of the door lock threads, and I'm having difficulty deciphering which problem it is that I have. My door lock/unlock rockers function, and I can hear them locking and unlocking, the the problem is they don't actually do it (lock the door or move the manual door "pin"...
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    Wanting to clean my MAF & IAC

    That's good to know since I already dumped a whopping $8 on a can of the crap. Of all the repairs and maintenance I've ever done, I can honestly say I've stayed away from cleaning mafs.
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    Wanting to clean my MAF & IAC

    So CRC electrical contact cleaner will not work? Should it be specifically MAF cleaner--thanks
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    New motor oils = wiped lifters

    I'm in the process of digging up some info now-I'll drop it on here when I get done Valvoline VR1 is an over the counter racing oil with high levels of the good stuff, and probably wouldn't be any worse on emissions stuff than adding an additive to your oil. It also has a 3k change interval, so...
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    New motor oils = wiped lifters

    I can post up a handful of very interesting cam related tolerance tests on different oil grades, diesel oil spec breakdowns, and stuff like that that would be useful if you want---Just not today-I'd have to hunt em' down and I'm about done on here tonight. I think I may have read that although...
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    New motor oils = wiped lifters

    Well the way you reiterated it is not quite how I intended it to be interpreted. I know Modern oils still have zinc, just not as much (I think its only 800ppm now right)? Yes I have read many, many links. I use additives myself (sometimes-see the Torco statement above). I didn't state that it...
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    New motor oils = wiped lifters

    It shouldn't be necessary to add an additive to your oil if you start out with the best (and correct) oil for your application. Granted I mean not necessary, but that doesn't stop a lot of us. I was told by a petro/syn chemist that classically, additives (like zinc and phosphorus) were added...
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    New motor oils = wiped lifters

    This has been a well known problem for Jeep guys the past few years as well. The Jeep 4.0 was one of the only flat tappet cam motors still produced till 06'. Many of us (Jeepers) have had cam related failures, heck I know one guy that lost his engine due to cam failure at 800 miles. I have...
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    A/C Clutch going on and off

    That's interesting about the defroster, why is it effected by the compressor? I prefer to keep my current belt, since I put a Gatorbak on there 5 days ago.
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    A/C Clutch going on and off

    Thanks fellas.
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    A/C Clutch going on and off

    sorry to revive an old thread but I'm having the same issue. I'm not interested in fixing the a/c, so is there a fuse or something to pull to stop the clutch from cycling so often? will doing nothing cause the clutch to burn out over time, or would it be fine to leave it alone? The previous...
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    11.3 mpg, this can't be normal!

    wow, I guess I should be extremely pleased with the 23mpg I'm getting with an 01 4.0
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    Brakes fail at low speed

    I have a similar issue as well. It brakes perfectly until you hit about 3mph, then the abs seems to kick on (audibly loud) the pedal shoots to the floor a bit and braking pressure has to be increased. No ABS light on at all. I was considering pulling the abs fuse to solve the problem, but I'll...
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    New member, 01 sport 1st order of business is bambi repair!

    I've recently decided to keep and drive this 01' sport into the ground, so I'll have t make it look decent enough to not get laughed at (previous owner hit a deer). It looks like I have my work cut out for me. I'm not a body man, and its not worth enough to justify the expense of a pro job...