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  1. J

    CEL Code P1336

    Recently noticed that every now and again my startups would be rough, and also some shudder and a loss of power when accelerating in my '05 Sport Trac. CEL came on, got codes checked out and it was P1336 for the cam/crankshaft position sensor. Replaced the crankshaft position sensor, cleared...
  2. J

    Reattaching Lower Body Trim

    Earlier this week I blew a tire on the interstate and when it happened it also ripped out this lower plastic trim from the body of the truck. It looks like it was only riveted on, but I'm not sure how to get to them due to the nature of the piece. Any suggestions? Thanks, J.J.
  3. J

    510 Compass Resistor Replacement

    The dimensions I measured are ~~ 7x4mm
  4. J

    510 Compass Resistor Replacement

    Awesome thank you!
  5. J

    510 Compass Resistor Replacement

    My compass and thermometer display recently went out for the second time, and as I took it apart expecting to only have to do a minor soldering job, I found that the entire resistor was missing. Does anyone have a specific parts # or name for these resistors? Or a link to where I could buy one...
  6. J

    Engine Misfire

    About two months ago my check engine light came on on my '05 st (165,000 miles) and I got the codes pulled and it was for misfires. Put it in the shop, had all the plugs and wires replaced, as well as new coils, and ran premium gas and fuel treatment in it for a few weeks. Ran fine for about a...
  7. J

    Rear-End Driver's Side Sag

    So a few weeks back I twisted the torsion bar on my '05 ST (160,000 miles) to level it out. Truck sat fine, driver's side sat 35 1/2' to top of wheel well and passenger side sat 36', didn't get an alignment afterwards. Then a few days back, I noticed that my rear driver side looked lower than...
  8. J

    '05 Sport Trac Squealing

    Not sure about antifreeze, definitely feel like it got some oil on it when it overheated. Possible that more anitfreeze could have gotten on it when the thermostat was replaced, not sure though because I did not do the work myself.
  9. J

    '05 Sport Trac Squealing

    I have a 2005 Sport Trac with 150k miles, was overheating last week and had to replace the thermostat, since then it has started squealing while accelerating, was not a problem before it overheated. Thought it was maybe the serpentine belt, bought some belt conditioner and sprayed it on, only...