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    Tighten your caliper bracket bolts!

    I gotta tell you, I've always previously done it the way the manual says. (removing the caliper from it's bracket), and I've never had any trouble. The slider pins are inside of a sealed boot which doesn't open unless you purposely pull it apart. Also the slidder pin/bolts are much easier to...
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    Bumper Rust

    I've got some rust on my bumper (not chrome) that I'd like to get rid of. How should I go about removing it? Wire brush and WD-40? And should I try using a can of "rust converter" and painting it? What's the best method? Thanks.
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    Lots of Door Problems. Please Help!

    First off, this is my first technical post, and I know it’s very wordy, but please read through and try to offer any help you can… I’ve read through every post on the door ajar light problems that people have, and I am still having issues. So hopefully somebody here has some useful insight into...
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    Thanks for the awesome Help!

    Hi all, I am a newbie to the Explorer forums. And this is my first post… I’ve spent hours on end reading hundreds of threads, and when I found out how easy and cheap it was to replace my rear ABS sensor, I jumped all over it. I had some trouble getting the old one out but the new one went in...