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    Early 4.0 into a Second Gen Explorer

    Well, my early 4.0 conversion is completed. I used the OBDll harness, deleted the EGR, fabricated a new right motor mount bracketand modified the left side to fit the early style block. The OBDll computer runs the early injection system just fine. I still need to mount the MAP sensor and tuck a...
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    Early 4.0 into a Second Gen Explorer

    Thanks for the info you had. worst case scenario on the early style heads i may just run it with a first gen ECM. But I can't see why the different style chambers would make that much difference. I will live and learn on that one..... (If anyone has done this, or used first gen heads on a second...
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    Early 4.0 into a Second Gen Explorer

    I've already searched around in the threads and can't find anyone who's mentioned doing this. I'm building a 4.0 that came from a 93 Sport to put into my 97 XLT. I've noticed the block casting is different, specifically for the motor mount bolts. Has anyone swapped an early 4.0 into a second...