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    Thursday works. Please send a reminder message Thursday morning.

    Thursday works. Please send a reminder message Thursday morning.
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    Goodbye, thanks & free stuff

    Friday probably works best. Let me get the stuff boxed and I will pm you.
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    Goodbye, thanks & free stuff

    After 21 years and 174,000 miles I am finally letting my explorer go. I really appreciate the amazing resource this forum is and the help the members have provided over the years. I am hoping I can pass on some of my accumulated parts, tools and other stuff to another member that could use them...
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    Installing new power steering pump

    Generally you would do it after you installed the pump. You would put fresh fluid in the new pump and connect the pressure hose to the new pump but place the return line in an empty bottle. Just run the pump and keep adding new fluid until the fluid is clean. I guess you could do that with the...
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    Tranny flush and secondary filter

    If your car is a 4X4 I have an extra transmission filter, gasket and o-rings. PM me if you want them.
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    Explorer 1992 - Overheating problem

    You might want replace the radiator cap if you did not aleady do that. Also you can sometimes get a bad thermostat. What brand did you install?
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    93 Ex overheating

    I think it would be worth a shot. You do not have much to lose at this point. I have used Bars Leak in the past with good results but I just had a lower intake manifold leak.
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    1992 explorer stereo isolaition

    If you new stereo has enough power you may want to bypass the amp.
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    1994 ford explorer wont turn over, with full batery

    Could be a bad starter solenoid.
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    Coolant loss/temp gauge issues

    You could always try Bars Leak.
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    Coolant loss/temp gauge issues

    Pressure test the system.
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    Help! Harmonic Balancer Center Bolt Removal Direction?

    You may be able to use the bolts from the ac compressor.
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    Erratic Temperature Sensor Readings

    Hav you replaced the radiator cap?
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    4x4 dash and switch lights stays on but 4x4 doesn't work

    The symptoms you describe are the same as I experienced when my transfer case motor was broken. It is a very simple repair. There is a sticky at the top of this forum that provides a detailed description of the repair.
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    Serious Shaking Between 6-75mph

    To isolate the problem you could rotate the tires from front to back and see if there is any change in the condition.
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    R-12 Refrigerant swap?

    I agree that there is something wrong. The performance of the retrofitted system should be better. My '93 was converted and it blows cold enough that I end up turning it down after about 20 minutes.
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    Tools to have on-hand

    I think the lug wrench actually fits the nut on the belt tensioner. Fan clutch tool is also nice to have.
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    Wanted, 89-90 Bronco II or 1st Gen Explorer

    If you are still looking I have a solid 93 Explorer in good running condition.
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    Help!Hotter than the hubs of Hades and climbing

    One other comment. I put stop leak in my cooling system and had two radiator caps fail. I used the lever style Stant radiator caps and it seemed they would clog and not allow coolant to be drawn back into the system causing the upper radiator hose to collapse. I replaced the lever style cap with...
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    Help!Hotter than the hubs of Hades and climbing

    If the hose is collapsed it is either a bad radiator cap or a bad upper hose. The fact that it is collapsed when the motor is running seems to indicate a blockage of some kind because you said you replaced the hoses. Usually if the cap is bad the hose will collapse as the engine cools down...
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    4wd issue

    If you don't mind working under the car you can remove the cover off the transfer case motor without removing the entire unit. Be sure to mark the cover with a pencil so you can put it back in the same location. Once you remove the cover you will see the gear and you can pull that out and...
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    4wd issue

    Check the transfer case motor bushing. That seems the most common reason that the 4wd won't engage.
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    4x4 Wheel grab after engaging or disengaging 4x4

    I have not noticed that with mine. Perhaps only one of your hubs is engaging.
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    My 1993 Explorer 4D4WD Eddie Bauer

    I feel your pain. I almost took a drill to the pulley so I could use the standard installer but thought better of it. Don't be surprised that once you fix the timing cover leak that the lower intake manifold starts leaking coolant.
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    My 1993 Explorer 4D4WD Eddie Bauer

    The heat certainly could but I think relatively low heat for a short period time should be okay. The best way is to use the right tool but sometimes you need to get creative.