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    2006 Explorer XLT 4X4 Airbag Readiness Light

    i totaled my 92 and recently purchased an 06. My airbag readiness light came on this morning and wont go off. My vehicle is just out of warranty. Did they say exactly what was the cause for the light to come on?
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    1992 4x4 transmission

    oh sorry guys, the smoke was from the transmission fluid burning on the exhaust, should have better described it. There was enough fluid in it before this. because i just replaced the filter and added all new fluid. I was thinking about doing a valve body rebuild before this problem occurred...
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    1992 4x4 transmission

    my transmission went out today. It has recently been slipping only when cold. Well I had a small trailer hooked up to it, because I have to get my things out of storage, and while pulling a very light load, I noticed some smoke. Then my transmission seemed to keep me moving but very horribly...
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    Transmission slipping when cold?

    i also have this problem. I changed the filter myself and cleaned the pan. After I did this there was no problem the day of the change but the next day the slippage continued. I see mixed reviews about what the cause is but I would like a definite next step from someone who is an experienced...
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    1995 ford explorer temperature gauge problem

    so i have a 92 xlt 4x4. I had to change the freeze plug on the back of my engine. i can actually do a simple write up on this if necessary. But my temp gauge is doing the same thing. I believed i bled the system properly. I also changed the thermostat before this freeze plug went bad...
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    Removing Freeze Plug and other help needed.

    So I want to give a little background on my truck so it may help. I bought it from my neighbor who is like my grandfather to me. Only thing wrong with the truck when I bought it at 92000 ($3000) was the rear abs light was on and a fender was dented, no big deal. I researched the rear abs and...
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    college budget, keeping my X or getting an import

    well I thought about selling my explorer and getting a lightning a while back, but instead i bought a bike (2004 gsxr 600) and saved the rest of the money. Now i am back in school and glad i did, cause i really need the money. I tried to upload pics of my bike, but wouldnt work. Also you know...
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    Need help getting running

    Ok guys. I have a 92 Xlt 4x4 the only thing under the hood thats new is spark plugs and wires. ran fine when i bought it about a year ago. some thing went bad but its old. heres my problem. i went out to my truck after work and i put the key in the ignition. it like dinged like it does...
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    Pioneer DEH-P7600MP Display Funkiness

    with the audio dimming in and out does this happen when there is more noise around? i have the pioneer premier 860mp and my cd player has an option to make it go louder as more sound around interfers with the music. actually it was my old pioneer that did that and it was the 9600 model i...
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    What did u get for X-Mas?

    got some clothes, cologne, a drill, and bourne supremacy dvd (good movie). bought my self king arthur dvd also good. got my lil sis an aim free unit where you can use aol instant messenger anywhere in the house but the darn thing says there is no internet connection. i need to play with it...
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    Sub problem

    if the positive and negatives were hooked up backwards he would be blowing fuses on the amp so i dont think that is it
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    what kind of spark plugs do you use ?

    i put bosch platinums and bosch wires. the original plugs and wires were in the x for 105,000 miles. runs a million times better now
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    1992 Ford explorer xlt premium system help!

    glad to hear it works
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    1992 Ford explorer xlt premium system help!

    there is one one the dehp 3600. or it has been removed from the radio harness. if that is not there splice a wire into the red wire (remote power) and run the extra wire to any left over wires i cant think of the color but i might look at mine later today to see. hope this helps
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    Needs help installing a new sub...

    ok with the line output converter, tap into the speaker wires and it converts the signal to rca. then you need a remote wire for the amp. it should say rem on the amp somewhere. you can run the remote wire off of any switch powered wire. there should only be five wires and two rcas runnin to...
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    Need new HU, which one should i get?

    i work at circuit city also. we do carry a wide variety of hus for different price ranges. we will so to be dropping alpine from the list of products but we still have pioneer. but i got my pioneer premier deh-p860mp cd player for 322 after shipping on ebay. we sell the non premier on for...
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    What Mountaineer would you choose to modify for performance, 2nd or 3rd gen?!?!?

    i heard it only takes like 1100 dollars to make a 03 cobra run 11's with a little more to make up for the weight difference you could be running the fastest x
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    RA Bushings

    i dont know how easy it is to grind them off but i used a air chisel. the little gun you use with the compressor. well a couple good hits knocked it off and then put a punch in it and knocked the other side out.
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    I love high school (Explorer related)

    I agree with other people the first car i had was a 91 toyota celica some dude hit my car while my friend was driving it and i only had liability. at first the car was totaled then the insurance company said "oh you car is worht more than we though." at the time i was looking at a 5.0 mustang...
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    Poll: How long has your A4LD Lasted?

    i only have 103,000 miles on mine still runs
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    Stock rims, bigger tires...

    i tell my dad i need to get something done to my x, hes like well go in the garage and do it. i love working on cars but sometimes i am too lazy to do anything. that is a nice story yosh18981898. well anyways off to change my axle seals.
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    Jasons Street X

    nice man. did you do all your work yourself? good luck
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    New Stereo Install - No sound

    from my personal opionion, sony is horibble in car audio. i sell and install the stuff everyday. i just put a new pioneer deh-p860mp in my 92 x and i didnt hook up the remote wire (the blue and white one). i install like at least 20 cars a day. but i didnt hook it up. i thought i bought a...
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    Stock rims, bigger tires...

    well if 31s are 275x75x15. then i just put 31s one my first gen. rides awesome now rubbing even when i flex the suspension. and the make the thing look huge.
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    Saleen Explorer

    the debuted in 1998 and ceased production in 2000. there are about 150 registered xp8 (saleen explorere) some were supercharged some were not. and only 2 xp6