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    remote car starter suggestions

    I just had the sidewinder 6500 ESP installed and its awesome. The remote start has some incredible range so I can start it walking out of school, very nice.
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    Couple Qs regarding

    I have bought a 600.1 and a 1200.1 from them without any problems.
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    New System w/ cool custom stuff. *PICS- 56k = death*

    Wow that looks super duper nice!!!
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    New system installed (pics)

    Thanks for the comments guys! Yes black magic, it is loud!! Davesexplorer, what do you mean? What should I do with my amp? Thanks Danny
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    New system installed (pics)

    Actually, i can still use the cargo cover if i slide the box forward a few inches. And, I have limo tint all the way around so they cant see in very well. Also I always turn my stuff down when im getting close to where im gonna be. Im gonna put an alarm on here pretty soon so hopefully that will...
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    New system installed (pics)

    In the dfw area
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    What kind of an amp do i need

    I have a JBL 600.1 that was running 2 12w3's for a few months that I can sell you for $170 in the box. Danny
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    New system installed (pics)

    Geeze yall were quick to respond. thanks for the good comments. Um, i got everything off ebay and the box custom made so it was around 700 after shipping for the heavy subs and box. Yeah it takes up ALL the room which kinda sucks. And it weighs a bunch too so taking it out is a pain. But oh well...
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    New system installed (pics)

    Hey guys I just installed a new system in my explorer. It is 2 12 inch L7's and a jbl 1200 watt amp. The box it is in is a huge and ported. This is soooooo loud!!! It drowns out my stock door speakers so that will be the next thing I get. Anyone got any good recommendations for affordable door...
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    Alpine Headunit Help

    what do you mean a seperate bass function??
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    looking to get alarm system

    I just installed a new system and I think its time i get an alarm. I know NOTHING about alarms so I need some help. What are some good brands to look at that wont cost me a fortune but will still be loud and get the job done. Also, how hard is it to install or should I just buy it from a store...
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    Looking for help from Bass heads like myself.

    The back hatch is gonna rattle like there is no tomorrow. I dont think there you can do about rattles when its going to be that loud.
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    alpine V12m500 amps???

    I have had an alpine amp in the past and have not had a problem with it. Alpine is a great brand so I dont think you can go wrong with that amp.
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    Alpine or Panasonic??

    I have an alpine and have never had a problem. Go for the alpine!
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    is lanzar any good? i saw a sweet demo mazda

    My friend had 2 of the old lanzar 12's, before they sold out. I think he had them hooked up to a 1200 watt amp and it pounded. If you can get the old stuff, I say go for it.
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    LCD Screens/Monitors..what to get?

    how much for the cva-1003?
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    Would this hit ?

    six 12's hitting 115 would be quite pathetic and a huge waste of money.
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    Fatmat Install (Dynamat)

    Looks good, is that 2 different subs I see in the back? Danny
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    anyone have a cva-1003?

    thanks for the reply. I noticed you said you "had one" why did you get rid of it? thanks, danny
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    anyone have a cva-1003?

    I am looking at getting the alpine cva-1003 for my X. It looks like a pretty good indash screen and it is detachable face which is nice. Does anyone have one? If so, do you like it? Have any pictures of it in your X? Is this a good deal? Dead Link Removed Thanks, danny
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    NEW SET UP....

    sounds great to me... gonna be lots of $$$$
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    i dont even have the chrome... i think its just horribly ugly and something needs to be done fast haha. danny
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    nothing is wrong with the bumper i have just its grey and black would look nice on my black X. the bumpers on there are fairly cheap so i figured it would be cheaper than getting it painted at a painting place... also i dont even know if this kind of plastic can be painted?
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    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, if its not, I'm sorry. Has anyone ever bought a bumper from Im looking to get an all black front bumper for my 2000 XLS 4 door and figured I would buy it from there. However, I only see it for the sport. Am I missing it or do they...
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    18x9 rims on my mountaineer pics

    how much are you looking to get for them... and how much do tires cost for them