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    Odd Fix

    Our 93 is still running as sweet as my last post. Just a reminder that Seafoam is an excellent product, we use on 2 and 4 cycle engines and have seen dramatic results from friends engines as well as ours. You can suck it right out of the can into the upper intake, or dump it into the gas tank...
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    Front Grill Removal on 1993

    Type of Glue The recommended glue is butyl rubber, the compound used in vehicle glass replacement, or as I am, Vinyl Sealant, dries clear, and get the kind that has a high temp capability, ie used for autos. The vinyl is liquid and goes on easy, I am using a warmed up lens and housing as well...
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    Front Grill Removal on 1993

    Well said, exactly what I did and it worked perfectly. I'm always careful with these older plastics and clips etc. Thanks for posting. I'm going to try to take apart my headlights and reseal them. I'm looking at using the cardboard box and heat gun approach, to 250 degrees and gently pry the...
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    Front Grill Removal on 1993

    The shroud can stay on, push down on the 2 clips, you can see a small metal upturned edge at the top of the clip next to the front of the engine bay. If you press carefully and pull gently the grill will come off. on mine there is a slot in the top of the grill for the flat blade screwdriver to...
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    DrBob: A few years back you posted an article on building a brake bleeder. The files are no...

    DrBob: A few years back you posted an article on building a brake bleeder. The files are no longer linked,. I was wondering if the device is still being made and used by members, and if so, where could i find that pdf etc? Thank you, Albie
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    1994 Explorer Auto Hubs, (Confused)

    Exactly, a moment to turn the hubs, is small compensation for knowing they will always work; ask any owner running one of these in the northern winters. This was early days in the development of auto hubs, they could not perform like my newer 4X4's.
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    Need link to download repair CDs

    Thank you arco ! I will use the link when you get to it. Best of the season to you!
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    Need link to download repair CDs

    I found that link above from techboj to be dead ?
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    Headlight enhancements

    Love it Thanks Mezrien and Naten, where is that info on upgrading the wiring? I'm going to do a voltage check, will report back.
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    93 XL 4 Door 4x4 explorer weel bearings

    Follow maniac, lots of excellent posts in here, great resource.
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    Odd Fix

    I did not have that issue, but i see a lot of posts on it, we run Chevron gas as much as possible, I think the engine runs cleaner with it.
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    Odd Fix

    Somebody, somewhere knows what this is, it's too common to not have a fairly connected cause, and as I usually find, it's not just one single thing. I found that quality plugs and wires make a difference, no matter the manufacturer of the vehicle. I have had good success with Bosch wiring and...
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    93 XL 4 Door 4x4 explorer weel bearings

    I use SKF / Timken bearings, races and seals, not had any issues, but they do need changing by the time I'm doing the brakes. I follow the advice given in this post. Glacier has an excellent write up, that got me to originally join this site.
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    Odd Fix

    It's worth the effort, I have a sweet running Ex now, starts and purrs like a newer engine, I'm glad I did all the little things like the injectors, while I was in there. Having a look at the last point of fuel delivery told me not all cylinders were being treated equal.
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    Headlight enhancements

    I put in GE Nighthawks and polished the lenses, it was an inexpensive fix, and good upgrade for lighting from the originals.
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    Odd Fix

    Good thought #4 , do you think pulling the plugs would help diagnose that ? Would there be anything to see?
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    93 XL 4 Door 4x4 explorer weel bearings

    Search for the brake pad replaceent thread, it has everything you want
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    Another head gasket thread

    well that was some mind-bending trip ! Well done, we all learn a bit from every detailed experience.
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    1992 Ford Explorer won't start

    Antonio: You say start but no detail on how it runs etc, I'm with your 1st reply, but it's hard to say. e.g., is there pressure maintained at the schrader valve on the fuel rail, do you have a leak in the fuel system, if it's the fuel pump it will start with your method, but not run well.
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    Aluminum flakes in coolant

    Could be a water pump, but think about all that crap getting by the T Stat. My guess it's rad repair gunk, but why after replacing one ! My other thought is the rad itself, perhaps not a good quality one ?
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    Small rubber hose or tube come adrift I think AC related??

    Naten's link works for me, and here is a picture I posted of that line after A/C removal. He's given a good description at that link and a classy looking solution !
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    You meet the nicest people on

    It's a Great Place ! I came here for help quite a few years ago, and have found a superb community of very helpful people. I thought we might get rid of our Explorer but then my kids got the car bug and we started getting into the father and son projects. Some fine folks to have my boys around...
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    Winter Oil Change, XL Wix Filter 51773

    Change it more is my motto, you can't go wrong. I buy my oil only when it's on sale, or by the case lot and it goes about 40% off, and is especially helpful for Mobile 1 because of the premium price. Filters go on sale 2-3 times a year around here, and I stock up then. I've never lost an...
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    How to replace upper intake manifold gaskets

    Dave: What is that blue stuff on your torx bolts and fuel rail?