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    Abs Noise Question... Not to be confused with a similiar post.

    Hi there, I have a '93 Ford X, Whenever I use my brakes when its wet out, while on gravel, or while on rough roads I get a growling noise. I'm not sure if its supposed to be doing this or not, And My truck is constantly having brake issues. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Getting to plugs on pass side...

    For the backfiring noise, check your plug wires, mine had a similar issue. For the passenger side plugs, I get the first two from the top, knucklebusters, but you can get em without removing anything, the back one I cut my wheels to the left and come from the wheel well. You can prolly do it...
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    What little quirks and annoying problems does your explorer have

    Lots of quirks On my Old 93, Loose loose steering, A little whine from speakers that intensifies with Rpms, When you open the drivers door from the outside it locks itself when you let go of the handle, Drives different at times (Just being moody), Tons and tons of rattles, Seatbelts don't...
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    5w-30 or 10 w 40?

    Interesting I have a 93 x, and I use 10/30 with Lucas added in, after reading this i may switch to 5/30.
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    Small Clicking, or tapping noise.

    Its not my normal engine ping, something else. I believe it to be related to an oil change i just got, took it in for a/c work and had the oil done while there, they added 5 Quarts of Castrol GTX, (Not sure if it was high mileage, but it was supposed to be.) And a Quart of BG MOA, it was...
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    Replacing my Accumulator and Condenser, Need help.

    Got in there, and figured it out. Replaced Accumulator and Condenser, charged it up and it runs fine.
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    Small Clicking, or tapping noise.

    I have a '93 X, and i'm experiencing some light clicking, or tapping from the passenger's side of the engine, its not a constant tapping, just every few seconds, no pattern to it. It does it more frequently when you apply the throttle.
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    Replacing my Accumulator and Condenser, Need help.

    I just got done at my local ford dealer, they say i need an Accumulator and Condenser, BUT they want $334 for parts alone, i found the parts at O'reileys for $160. they wanted another $300 for labor. I have some mechanical knowledge. I was wondering if it would be wise for me to attempt...
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    smokin hot hubs

    Check your Brake lines, Calipers, and Brake rotors, i had this problem awhile back, my caliper was pinching b/c of the brake lines. Due to the pinching caliper, i had to replace my Rotor. Hope this helps.
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    Condensation Drain Tube

    This hose is going out of the side of the wall, beside the fuse box, its 12 to 18 inches long. I think i might just plug it and see how that works out.
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    Condensation Drain Tube

    I don't believe its a vacuum line, Its the clear dingy color, i don't think the hose would stand up to a vacuum, it would just fold in. plus if its a vacuum line leaking water into my floorboard i've got bigger problems >.> Thank you for your help Fixxer :D
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    Condensation Drain Tube

    I was looking under the dash on the passenger side and found a hose just like this one, but its all connected, maybe i should have mentioned, the hose i'm referring to is on the Driver's side.
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    Condensation Drain Tube

    Does it come in two sections, i don't believe the piece i have will reach, and is it Accesible without taking anything apart?
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    Condensation Drain Tube

    I was recently working on my autostart, programming another remote, and i couldn't find the box, so i had to search under my dash, and while reaching around under there, i've dislodged my Condensation Drain Tube from whatever it connects to under the dash, its leading out of the firewall, but...
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    Hinge Pins

    Heh, I've got the same issues with my driver's door hinge, But i don't have the tools required to drill out the hinge pin, and the mechanic wants $300 to do it. So I just Jury Rigged it, A cut up flip flop, lined with some styrofoam, closes everytime. I also lined the door catch with Airplane...
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    A little help please.

    I recently purchased a used Pioneer 400w sub in a probend box, a 600w Kenwood Amp, and a capacitor. Got it all for $45, i got it all hooked up and found out why, the Sub is busted. Well i don't have any local stores that carry car audio other than Wal mart, besides a no brand JP3 12 inch 400...
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    Does anyone else have this moon roof?

    i have a 93 limited, my X has a power moon roof, my buttons are below the steering wheel on the right, it was ASC installed, but before i had it... Funny How these explorers travel, bought my x in wyoming, now its in mississippi, and it had the moon roof installed god knows where.
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    Rough idle, And dying.

    Thanks all for the suggestions, i'll let you know how it turns out.
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    Rough idle, And dying.

    Normally i run b/t R and M, but i do get hot alot during the summer, what was the solution to your problem?
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    Mysterious Vacuum Cluster?

    The vacuum cluster on the drivers side of my '93 X right up against the firewall on the rear of the engine; It has two for lack of knowledge i'll call them sockets where you can attach vacuum lines. But two of them do not have lines attached, when i bought the explorer it had bolts stuck in...
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    Rough idle, And dying.

    I have a '93 4.0 X, and after i've been around town on warm days, stopping and going, when I start it up it tends to sputter and idle roughly, but when you get going it runs fine. On hotter days, after you've been around town when you go to start it, it will just go dead, to get it running you...
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    fog lights dont work

    one more thing the other night i was driving and the fog lights came on for a second and then my drivers side headlight blew, and they went back off.
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    fog lights dont work

    sorry haven't been on in a while i dont have voltage at the lights, but i do at the switch. i'm just gonna put it in the shop before i mess it up even worse
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    Intake Upgrades

    Next week i'm gonna be doing some routine maintenance on my X, i'm gonna get my mechanic to do the number 5 spark (don't we all hate that one). I've got an electrical problem, my fog lights stopped working and a few days ago they came back on while i was driving for a second, then my driver's...
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    fog lights dont work

    hey, a few months ago i put in new fog lights because my old ones were busted up, so i bought what they call tractor lights. they worked great, but now they dont work, my toggle switch light still works. i checked my connections, but i dont know where the fog light fuse is. that would prolly...