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  1. J

    UHaul and the Ford Explorer

    U Haul in Hoover, Al would not rent me a tow dolly to pull behind my '99 Ranger !?! Yet, U Haul in Ft Worth did rent me a 2 axle trailer using the same vehicle. Maybe it is a local U Haul problem rather than corporate wide ??
  2. J

    Recently rebuilt 5R55E slipping going into overdrive

    could be the band adjustment or a bad servo on OD. people are quick to blame electronics on most tranny problems. , , J...JMHO
  3. J

    HELP. I need to grease a non-greasable u-joint. OK to drill cap?

    replace the joint. it will save being stranded on the side of the road later on , , J...JMHO
  4. J

    Transmission swap

    V-8 or V-6 ? what year and make tranny are you trying to swap ?
  5. J

    Need Ranger Trans ID help Fast!! - BBR vs BAR

    IIRC, the 97 has an extra sensor that 98 and later 5r's don't have....
  6. J

    for all of us that have done a BW4406 swap, or about to, PLEASE READ!

    here's a link on welding magnesium (filling holes, etc.)
  7. J

    for all of us that have done a BW4406 swap, or about to, PLEASE READ!

    just my personal comments...take them with a grain of salt. ;) I have welded high magnesium VW cases (blocks). it takes some work and proper rods/temps/proper (slow) cool down. most welders won't try because it is time consuming and they can't expect to recoup the actual labor. , ...
  8. J

    Both banks lean

    a bad EGR will create lots of problems. check the operation of the EGR valve.
  9. J

    1998 Explorer V6 swap for V8

    thanks ! . one of the early 4.6's (1992 model) also had the 5.0 bolt pattern, IIRC.
  10. J

    Mustang filler neck stopped up

    none got past the anti-siphon valve in the lower neck. . I encountered another vehicle where the same valve stopped the sugar from getting into the tank. looked like the gas solidified the sugar into hard rock candy. had to hammer & chisel the sugar out of the neck. :eek:
  11. J

    1998 Explorer V6 swap for V8

    is rick going to a 5.0 or a 4.6 V8 ? . never really paid attention; which bolt pattern does the 4.2 have ?
  12. J

    Mustang filler neck stopped up

    sry, no pics. apparently the kid nibbled all the chocolate off the candy bar. took a while to figure out what it was. lol
  13. J

    Mustang filler neck stopped up

    we had a customer a few weeks back who stated she could not put gas in her Mustang. I immediately thought some station had an early load of winter gas & the nozzle was cutting off at normal flow rates. . we tried to fill the tank with a gas can, same results...wouldn't go down. nuttin' to do...
  14. J

    What I found in the Transmission Pan

    more than a few I have worked on have dropped the anchor off the OD band & the OD band was broken. it's the only one I've seen that actually falls into the pan like mdlongo stated. , , J...been right a time or two :)
  15. J

    No 4th Gear in 93 Auto Trans

    probably some failure with the OD unit itself. OD band may be broken or not adjusted properly. OD clutches may be toast. or the OD servo may not be applying. , , J...all trans failures are not because of electronics...
  16. J

    96 model T-bird 4R70

    a "mechanic" just over hauled this tranny, but : it will go in gear when the engine is revved & immediately neutrals... . any suggestions as to what he missed in the overhaul ?
  17. J

    help 4r44e tranny

    the bolt pattern spacing is the same, A4LD, 4r44e, etc.... someone might can help if you can tell us what exactly is wrong ? . the most common problem is not getting the torque converter seated into the front pump. this causes front to back spacing, not allowing the transmission to mate up with...
  18. J

    90 bronco ii vs 84 bronco ii fuel lines

    get the lines from the '90 when you get the tank.
  19. J

    New torque converter question

    studs are equi-distant. I've never marked a converter stud. :) just make sure the converter is seated into the front pump gears or you will have problems.
  20. J

    Need help

    possibly boost valve problem. have you checked line pressure(s) ?
  21. J

    Fuel rail help needed!

    try ....shows quite a few in the PA area. if they're too far away, shipping should be low.
  22. J

    Calling B2 gurus

    I have an '88 BII that has a donut spare mounted inside. No rack or hinges outside the vehicle. Also the glass doesn't lift separately. It is the only one in these parts built like that ??
  23. J

    98 4x4 xlt explorer auto trans urgent help

    wrong name, sorry...input shaft is what it's called shaft is what it's called
  24. J

    98 4x4 xlt explorer auto trans urgent help

    sounds like the mechanic may have left out the intermediate shaft...they fall out easily and nothing will work without it. , , J...had this happen on two used trannys in a row...the salvage yard was leaving the shaft out lol
  25. J

    A4LD Help (Sudden weak R/D engage and barely moving)

    make sure the kickdown/throttle valve cable is attached on both ends (and not broken)... , , J...^^^only thing that popped in my mind at the moment