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    explorer, f-series, and expedition bolt patterns

    I am in need of replacing my tires on my 97 explorer, Possibly the rims too. Can anyone tell me if the bolt patterns are different between these three vehicle?? I am trying to explore my options a little here, I can not raise the hight more than six inches are it will not fit in the undergroung...
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    97 explorer factory cd wiring schematic needed

    Thanks for the tip, but I am finding it impossible for that software to load the file for my application.
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    97 explorer factory cd wiring schematic needed

    I have a 97 xl explorer with a factory am/fm tape player, I want to swap with a factory am/fm cd player from a xlt or limited explorer. The problem is the CD unit I have has no wiring instructions on it. Please help me out. thanks in advance Cidle