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    Idle problem

    bank 1 &2 lean is p0171 and p0174. theres a few things that could be going wrong. those codes usually refer to a vacuum leak. have you had the 00m12 recall done with the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets? i had those same 2 codes and a very sporradic idle and that solved the problem...
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    stuck in snow, abs freaked out

    Hey guys, Yesterday I was driving through an unplowed parking lot in 4wd Hi with about 2 feet of snow, when eventually I got stuck in a 3 foot burm. As the tires started spinning, even though I had my foot on the gas pedal, I saw the ABS light come on, and the ABS started pulsating the brake...
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    Engine Code 6

    It could definitely be your idle air controller, but I'd bet on it being codes P0171 and P0174, which means bank 1 and 2 lean- which would mean that you have a vacuum leak. The most likely culprit is the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets, and this is an extremely common problem in the...
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    Cold weather issues...

    The car was idling at the time at about 800 rpm, slightly higher than it normally does. As I said before, after this one incident, I stopped at other lights and had no problems. The car also sat for a week and a half or 2 weeks in 0 degree weather, but I doubt that had anything to do with it...
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    Cold weather issues...

    thanks for all the replies. when I tear off the panel I'll let you know what I find.
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    Cold weather issues...

    Hey everyone, my car sat in a parking lot at school for the past week and a half in 0 degree temperatures, and I had a few issues today when I went to drive it. First off, my trunk wouldnt open. I would hit unlock on the keyless, or in the car, and it sounded like the motor or actuator was...
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    00M12 and Timing Chains?

    If your tensioner or timing chain fails, because of the interference style engine in our explorers, the pistons will slap into the valves. thus the valves will bend, and you'd probably need new heads, or at a minimum replace the valves. As was already stated, youd need to remove the engine to...
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    Vibration in steering wheel

    it sounds like you may have air in your PS lines. did you steer the wheel at all when the car was off, of have a brake job or anything recently? I had this exact same problem, and i drove around a parking lot basically at idle for about 15 minutes and steered as much as possible, and it worked...
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    my 4-wheel drive????

    Did you jack it up, or just spin the tires in snow/ mud/ w/e? Given the nature of an open differential, its gonna send the power to the tire that will turn easier, hence only one wheel spinning.
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    Car shakes when steering at low speeds

    after I got my brakes done I had the same exact problem. I took my car in a empty parking lot and steered all around turning the wheel as much as possible at a low speed. it took a while of doing this, but gradually it improved, and this must have gotten rid of the air in the lines, because I...
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    Rough Idleing When It Is Cold

    I second that. I had the exact same problems and had the OOM12 recall done (I had to pay for it since I'm over the 72k mile limit). Its been running like new since.
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    Lower Intake Manifold q's

    I used ether to check for the lower intake manifold gasket leak and found absolutely nothing. Then I had it smoke tested, and the shop found a very small leak. These engines are obviously very sensitive to vacuum leaks. My symptoms were EXACTLY the same. It only happened when the car was...
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    Removing ABS braking system ?

    ABS is great in some situations (like at high speeds when slamming on the brakes), but for offroading, and i guess you could say "experienced" drivers, it can really get in the way. Theres been a few times in the snow that I've almost hit cars when I know that if I could have locked my tires up...
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    no idling..............

    if not the IAC, then it could be a vacuum leak.. check all the vacuum tubes connected to the intake manifold to make sure they're all connected. it could also be a really bad upper/ lower intake manifold gasket leak, as my car would do this pretty often in the cold until I had the OOM12 recall...
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    "Issues" just refers to the problems that have already been somewhat addressed- the transmission, the timing chain tensioner, cassette, etc. I feel like the transmission problems really depend on how the car was driven and taken care of. I just got my explorer a little over a year ago and I'm...
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    Need Part Name/#! broken sway bar bolt

    thanks for all the help. i just replaced the broken one with a 17 dollar part from advance auto parts, and it seems like its probably a better quality part. I think ill go ahead and change out the second one as well in the near future because I am somewhat rough on my car and I could def see...
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    Need Part Name/#! broken sway bar bolt

    thanks a ton for the quick replies. I plan on going to autozone tomorrow and will hopefully be able to get it all fixed soon. thanks again.
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    Need Part Name/#! broken sway bar bolt

    Hi everyone, Today on the drive home from skiing with my friends, a somewhat loud popping/clunking noise came from the front drivers side suspension area and could be felt in the floorboards when hitting bumps (especially on the drivers side), or when turning into a inclined driveway. I had...
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    foam in oil??

    Sorry if im adding more into an already complicated puzzle, but do you know if the heads were milled when he replaced the head gaskets? The heads could have been minutely warped, and it could render the recent head gasket job practically useless if no milling was done. good luck.
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    SilverStar Ultra

    I just threw in a pair of the ultras today (40 dollars at autozone). My old bulbs were oem from '99, and the ultras are a bit brighter, whiter, but not night and day difference as others have also confirmed. I expected a little better, but it is an improvement, and where I drive, any...
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    Check Engine light / OBD II codes

    p0171 and p0174 are extremely common. I'm surprised he didnt try to sell you oxygen sensors. These codes, if you arent already aware, mean that bank 1 and 2 are registering lean. You could start with cleaning the mass airflow sensor (search on how). Theres a very good chance that you have a...
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    IAC finally died

    No Problem. I dont think its the IAC as I replaced it with a new one from rockauto last winter. Basically it idles and sounds like its running on 3 cylinders under 1100 RPM. I think i'm going to replace the upper and lower intake gaskets when I get home for winter break. Has anyone had a...
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    IAC finally died

    dave- this is what you're looking for. I also have a question. I've been trying to narrow down my problem, which i think is probably the lower intake gaskets as well. When i start it after it has sat for a while and is...
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    Explorer vs Ranger in snow

    4.0 SOHC with a 5 speed manual is a pretty nice combination. One of my friends had a 2003 4x4 ranger with that powertrain. It was quick, and yes, when it was in 2wd it was scary on slippery ground. In 4wd with no weight in the back, it would get around in the snow up steep hills well, but the...
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    1998 Idle/check Engine

    I need to get my lower intake manifold o-rings replaced, as well. I was curious if any of you had a shop do the whole 00M12 for you, and if so, how much did it cost? I just want to know a reasonable time estimate for a shop for this job (both the o-rings and the tensioner), and how much is the...