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    4.0 SOHC Cooling Diagram

    I figured. It's such a small leak it's almost like its just burning off wherever the leak is. I only need this thing to last me a year before I graduate engineering school :dpchug: I've already put 75k on it.
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    4.0 SOHC Cooling Diagram

    That'd be great! Grab me a measurement when you have time, thanks
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    4.0 SOHC Cooling Diagram

    I think they're 1" ID hoses. Why did ford have to make replacing the HC on this truck an absolute god awful nightmare :frustrated:
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    4.0 SOHC Cooling Diagram

    Hey guys, I have a small leak in my heater core. It's my beater with 185k miles, so I threw in some stop leak about a year ago and its been working great. One mistake I made though was I didn't flush my cooling system before I added it. It's been about 75,000 miles since my last flush, and my...
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    Door Misaligned with front Fender

    Hey guys, I just noticed the other day how misaligned my driver-side door is compared to the front fender. It doesn't rub on the fender when I open or close the door. It's gotta be like almost 0.5 centimeters misaligned. Is this a common problem? Easy fix?
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    Door Misaligned with front Fener

    Hey guys, I just noticed the other day how misaligned my driver-side door is compared to the front fender. When the door is closed, the front of it sits into the vehicle if that makes sense. Almost like someone kicked the edge of my door in. It doesn't rub on the fender when I open or close the...
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    Trouble starting in mornings!

    It may be my filter. I've had the car for over 2 years and put 50k+ miles on it. Also, who knows the last time it was replaces before that.
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    Trouble starting in mornings!

    Just got new plugs and wires last year.
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    Trouble starting in mornings!

    Hi everyone, The past few weeks here I've been having a problem that's getting progressively worse. Every morning, I go to start my truck and it will take a lot more turnovers than normal. It doesn't sound like a dead or bad battery because the starter is turning over nicely, it just takes...
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    Close Call...

    Woke up yesterday to a big ole puddle of trans fluid under my truck, and since this was a day I had class from 10 am - 9 pm there was no way I was going to be able to get under there and find the source, so I drove down the street to my local shop thinking it was the end. Come to find out that...
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    Shifter Column Issue

    I hear it! Luckily I have skinny arms and can get a screw driver up there. Good luck man.
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    98 XLT end of the line? (Transmission / drive line question)

    When my U-Joints went bad my truck would shake vigorously starting at 40-45 mph but only under acceleration. If you wanna check if it's the u-joints just drop the driveshaft and see if the joints have play in their housing. If if does, time to replace. Either way while the driveshaft is out it...
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    Shifter Column Issue

    Thanks! Yup it turned out those 2 bolts were pretty damn loose. Tightened them up and the thing shifts like it just rolled off the lot.
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    Shifter Column Issue

    Hi guys, I've had this problem since I bought my explorer 2 years ago but it's gotten progressively worse. Sometimes when Im parked on an incline and throw my truck into park, it'll start to irk down the driveway. Not smoothly, but jerk-like. Also, recently I can't pull the shifter into 1st...
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    Vibration problem!

    Hey guys, lately I've been driving down the road, and around 40-50 mph, when I give it gas the whole truck vibrates like mad! On the highway it's smooth as butter, in slow speeds it's fine. Could this be to my old tires? My ujoints I need to replace? I'm stuck! Anything helps.
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    Can't crack this bad idle!

    Hey guys, I wrote a thread on here mentioning my rough idle. My truck drives perfectly but it'll go "RUH-RUH-RUH" shaking me back and forth often when idling. Sometimes it'll even shudder into the low RPM range of 50-100 when I'm coming to am stop at a light. Many of you suggested cleaning my...
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    Squeaky Front Suspension!

    I just got my ball joints replaced about 26,000 miles ago. Do they not replace the boots when the job is done?
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    Squeaky Front Suspension!

    Hi guys, just a couple days ago my front driver side suspension has just been squeaking like mad! Every bump it creeks and squeaks. Is there a cause for concern with this?
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    2wd mud truck

    ^ My brother's 02 sport is a 4.0/4x4
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    Odd idle problem

    Update: Deep cleaned the sensor with electrical parts degreaser, and it's working much better. All the other times I cleaned it I focused more on the throttle area. My valve doesn't have the black cap on it though. Maybe aftermarket?
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    Odd idle problem

    Yup! I cleaned my IAC, things worked really well and then in a few weeks it came back. I will replace it and update the thread.
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    Odd idle problem

    I have the 4.0 SOHC. I haven't cleaned out the IAC valve ever, or the MAF. Coolant is fine and the oil change guys never said anything was in the oil. Spark plugs haven't been done in around 60k miles so I need to get around to doing that. This started happening though since I got the vehicle a...
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    Odd idle problem

    So, I'll start my explorer and It idles perfectly. Smooth, between 800-1000 RPM. Then, maybe 2 minutes into idling, the car drops to 500 rpm and my truck will start shaking back and forth until it stalls after maybe 5 minutes. I cleaned out my throttle body, idle speed sensor, and I got a new...
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    Question about Air/Heat

    So I'm not sure if this is just something I've never noticed, but it's bothering me and I figured I'd check with you guys to see if it's anything that needs attention. So, I've noticed lately that when I have my heat or air running and I turn it off, the heat keeps coming through the vents...
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    Exhaust getting louder: cheap fix?

    So I've been noticing my 01' Sport has been getting louder and louder over the past few weeks. I assume something is rusting through on the pipes as my brother's Sport did that same. If I were to remove the rusted pipe from the under body and drive around loud and proud, would it be safe to...