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    Engine tries to explode after M112

    The SCT racer package is worth every penny. I used it to tune my 2000 V6 turbo mustang. 450+ whp at 13psi with a big T4 single. Sleeper
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    PSA for all

    Yep you can see the crank in that pic after we get the new motor in I will tear the old one down and post more pics.;)
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    PSA for all

    this motor is warrantied.;) Also we didn't buy the motor he did.
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    PSA for all

    I believe he was using 5K intervals. I dont believe him, I'm sure he had missed an oil change and was due for another. Most people lie to me about what they did or didn't do to cause the car problems. Like it will make it cheaper to fix.:rolleyes: I'm just posting this as a reminder to change...
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    PSA for all

    2003 Explorer 4.0 4x4 83k He said he was about 2000 miles overdue for an oil change 13.9 hours labor @ $69 an hour = $959.10 Used 40k motor $1200 Total $2159.10 Cost of checking your oil from time to time $0
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    Proud Owner

    Welcome to the high mileage club.:D
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    new guy in west Michigan

    Hello fellow Michigander.:D
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    I want my Explorer to look like an off roading vehicle.

    Easy killer, you need to look at what your going to do with this truck. If 99% of the time you will be driving it to work then a mammoth 4X4 is not for you.
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    Best way to patch up chipped paint and rust?

    For paint chips use a similar color crayon to fill it in and then touch up paint.:D For scale best thing is to sand prime paint. Cancer if left untreated will get out of control. :thumbsup:
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    Teens or Old people

    I hate everyone in front of me.:scratch: I don't discriminate. :shoot:
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    Larger Tire Shifting Points

    An electronic control system for scheduling gearshifts in a four speed automatic transmission includes storing in electronic memory accessible to a microprocessor, six functions relating vehicle speed to throttle position, one function being related to each upshift and downshift. Gearshifts are...
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    219,000mile 1996 explorer question

    Just continue routine maintenance on it and you will be fine replace fluids and filter on schedule If we reset at 200,000 you should at 215k Change engine oil. check trans fluid level.. inspect pads, shoes. inspect cooling system and hoses. inspect steering linkage. inspect tires and rotate if...
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    2000 Mounty Trail rig

    I thought you needed a 10" wide rim to run a 12.5 inch tire?
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    2000 Mounty Trail rig

    Ive been reading and it seems that TT and shackles are all I need to fit 33". I don't mind doing a little fender trimming.;) I may just stick with 31" due to stock rim size. I will see how it all goes, if I do enough wheeling I will look for a set of 10" wide steelys.
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    33's No Body Lift (Illegal In Maine)

    I want to live in Wyoming. :bsnicker: "Vehicle must simply be in "safe" working condition"
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    New to the forum

    I'm thinking cheap so an Aussie is a good choice, but I would like to get a Detroit EZ locker. I don't want to put the money into a selectable locker. Say a year from now I don't want to go wheeling any more then I have all this money invested I will never get back. Been down that road before.
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    Larger Tire Shifting Points

    My 2000 Mounty I don't have the tires yet. Dunlop Radial Mud Rover 31 X 10.5 R15 30.8" over all diameter 3.73 gears 692 Revs per mile 692x60x3.73/60/60= 43.01 So what is this in reference to, you want a ratio of 50. So does a lower number mean higher or lower shift points? I could understand if...
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    Tires 2006 Explorer 4dr 4wd XLT

    I was curious as well. Can I change my speedo gear. The tires I'm looking at are almost 3" larger than stock?;)
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    front drive line ot t-case problem

    Where do you live? Is it cold? Are your wheels slipping? A4WD will turn on and off if you are getting wheel spin.
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    ? about oil change

    7,500 mi is fine for a synthetic, also you don't have the breakdown over time like standard oils. So even if it has been a few months since you changed it then I would not worry.:D
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    New to the forum

    Alright, well I don't have much of a choice, since no one makes an LSD for the D35 cir clip axle. I guess I will end up with a 4406-M and a locker front and rear. :D
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    New to the forum

    OK I'm a retard the axle I remember was on my fathers 03 Ranger with A4WD, so I just have an open D35. This is a diagram if the axle my fathers ranger has in it.
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    New to the forum

    No it does not look like that. I'm taking the truck to work and will get some pics posted.:D
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    How much force to turn a supercharger?

    Half the power it makes is way off base. Yes an on older style M112 is less efficient. Though the numbers are closer to 15% to 20%. However there is an upside the unit will cool faster once the RPMs drop. And a supercharged engine will have gobs of low end torque.:cool: HP sells cars, Torque...