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    New Member from Pennsylvania, looking for tips. Thanks

    If a 4.6 engine, then it has a 6R80 transmission. Wonder when the transmission fluid/filer was last changed if ever?
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    All kinds of lights come on while driving or starting

    While it may be a new battery, that doesn't mean it is good. Have it load checked at the place you bought it from or Autozone, etc. Also check voltage from alternator while running.
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    Evidently using cruise control can decrease MPG

    While I use cruise control, I tap it off when climbing a hill. Speed may drop but I avoid sever downshifts.
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    Door hinge binding and popping when being closed. Is there a fix?

    Search the forum. This has been covered. Involves drilling a hole and adding lub.
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    I use max all the time rather than regular which brings in and cools some outside air
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    Didn't see it but since no problem since, I figured they were correct. The dealer used to be a local family who sold to large multibrand group which seems to be the "way of the future"!
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    happened to me in a 2010 EB with V8. Was a vacuum hose leak. Here's what I posted about it a year ago: On recent trip up north the fan stopped working (outside air & AC) when loading the engine such as going uphill. Typical vacuum problem, in my experience. At my son's town (Brigham City, UT) I...
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    do I change the transmission oil or not -am moving from the west coast to the east coast with trailer

    Back in 2004 I rented the large U-Haul trailer but picked it up with my 1970 F250. The F250 went on a Budget trailer behind a large truck. I pulled the U-Haul with my 2002 Explorer with tow package from UT to AZ. And changed the tranny fluid before hand. Turned in the UHaul using the Exp...
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    Stock A/C Condenser Fan???

    when asking questions, it is helpful to specify which motor you have. Looking at the belt routing diagram for the 4L, it also drives the water pump. On mine the fan has a wire connection which I assumes allows the fan to freewheel when not needed for cooling.
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    Stock A/C Condenser Fan???

    Addressing your original question (assuming yours is the v8). Having just replaced my 2010 v8 serpentine belt, it has a belt run fan. I have the blood and bruises to prove it (Not a fun job).
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    interior lights wont come on

    Correction to my previous post. I finally figured out that if a door is left ajar for some period of time the lighting system goes into default mode. The dimmer doesn't work & the dash goes to a somewhat dim level. Also the dome & puddle lights don't come on and then shut off a few minutes...
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    Fair or foul?

    No hissing. On a long uphill climb out of the SL valley to WY, didn't have any trouble with the fan stopping (or anytime thereafter). Just wondering if the solenoid/manifold really needs replacing.
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    Fair or foul?

    On recent trip up north the fan stopped working (outside air & AC) when loading the engine such as going uphill. Typical vacuum problem, in my experience. At my son's town (Brigham City, UT) I had the local Ford dealer (but one of the multi brand mega dealers) fix it. They replaced a vacuum...
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    Dome lights inoperative 2007 Explorer

    May not be the case but I found that in my 2010 EB if a door was not completely closed after exiting, the system went in default mode and lights would not come on until a few engine starts/stops. Probably this was to save battery life versus having the lights stay on due to a door ajar.
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    SOLVED; 2009 w/6R80 trans Overdrive switch does nothing.

    I have a 2010 4x4 and use the OD on highway trips. Try going at 60-70 mph in OD and then turn it off. You should feel a slight down shift to lower gear. I do that a lot
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    08 Explorer wearing inside of tires very quickly

    On my '10 I had the same problem on the front 1st set of tires. Took it to a tire shop for alignment but they said it was within spec. In the old days a good alignment tech could correct the problem. But now with the liability problems no one can do anything out of spec. Now I rotate more...
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    2007 Eddie Bauer Explorer

    The OP's post indicates a 1997 model. Probably takes the F1 filter that Ford used for years and years.
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    Bad Bulb?

    I had a problem with the left rear flasher. Periodically it would send a problem to the message center and flash faster than normal. After fiddling with the bulb it would function OK but after a while same problem. I replaced the bulb 3-4 years ago and have not had a problem since. I think it...
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    New 2010 owner here, got a rear wiper question, and maybe a few others..

    For the same stupid reason they put the fuse box under the dash so you have to stand on your head to get to it!
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    New 2010 owner here, got a rear wiper question, and maybe a few others..

    For the owners manual try this site: Find Your Owner Guide | Vehicle Basics | Official Ford Owner Site OR this site: FORD 2010 EXPLORER OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download.
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    It's Friday the 13th!

    A few weeks ago my AutoZone battery died 2 days before the end of the 3 year full warranty. Received a new battery free but the warranty is now prorated for the next 2 years (the remaining 5 year warranty).
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    Fumoto Oil Drain Valve

    I installed one like that on our '89 Mustang. Was handy for oil changes but I always had to flush the lever slot (with WD40) before I could move the lever. It seemed to get grit in it making it difficult to move the lever.
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    TPMS Sensors

    Somewhat related: The nice folks at Costco tire shop told me that the banded sensors are no longer available so they use the stem type. Is that true ( band no longer available)? And is there a recommended life for the original sensors?
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    Brief "Check charging system" only in ignition

    All the warnings lights are supposed to illuminate after turning the key before the key reaches the point where it activates the starter. You said " warning message but only for a brief moment when i'm about to start the car". So are the warning lights on at the same time?
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    2010 LTD Compass

    If the compass is active, it will show the direction the vehicle is pointing just below the line under the Trip A or B etc display and in the upper left of the total mileage. It displays N, NE, E, etc