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    Transmission Filter Change in a 2002 Sport 5R55E

    Did your new filter say MICROFELT stamped on it like the old one?
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    98 Explorer doesnt start...sometimes

    Another issue has to do with the CPS or the CMP sensor. The CPS sensor is most likely if you have proper fuel pressure for startup. I have found that most of the OHV engines will idle with 10 psi fuel pressure but won't start unless they have 60 psi. Prompt the ignition key twice in a row if you...
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    The infamous OHV 4.0 rattle, tap, tap, is indeed the lifters!

    Some of the 4.0L OHV engines had piston slap hot or cold and would come and go but not worth worrying about. It would seem like a valve train noise but was really a production clearance issue.
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    4x4 low not engaging

    Are you following the proper procedure for shifting into four low? Four high is just a touch of the button but four low requires a different step!
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    5R55E shift saga

    You are incorrect in your statement that the 1st/reverse band cannot be adjusted. By using different length rods you can adjust the apply distance using the Ford tool to find the right length rod.
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    Mystery Vibration

    Did you buy cheap rotors? Did you check your brake calipers for proper movement and clean the surfaces where the pads ride/pins? Are you using the factory shop manual? For the year quoted you have non serviceable wheel hubs up front. Is your new rotor mounted to a clean hub flange surface. Does...
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    grinding 2nd, 3rd 4th

    Yes, it is intended for GM manual transaxles, not the M5OD. Check to see if your clutch is releasing properly. The clutch slave hyd cylinder is famous for failure leading to hard shifting.
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    Bad Alternator?

    Make sure your battery terminals/cables ends are clean and tight at both ends, same at the alternator. Next have the battery and alternator tested. Always have both tested when a charging/battery issue arises.
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    Sick to my stomache LOL

    To clear a code without a good scanner you must have so many drive cycles without the event that set the light in the first place. The battery disconnect only clears KAM.
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    Iffy ignition

    I would do a fuel pressure test (KOEO) before first start. When was the last time you changed your fuel filter?
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    T-case or Tranny?

    To be clear, you have no 1st gear when gearshift selector put in D position or 1. How did the shift linkage become misaligned? You have a DTR sensor on the trans which is controlled by your shift cable. Do you have reverse lights when R is selected. DTR sensor could be defective or out...
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    Sick to my stomache LOL

    Get the code(s) read with a scanner that can access the GEM module. That harsh shifting you have is limp mode for the trans. The trans ramps up the fluid pressure to limp you home. Not a good thing to let it continue like this. When you turn the key to the off position it will reset the OD light...
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    Transmission failure - M5OD - Only 4th gear

    What's the tranny oil look like?
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    T-case or Tranny?

    Could be that you shift cable is stretched or out of adjustment. Doubt it thou. Most likely the noise you hear could very well be an issue in the transfer case. Is your transfer case a Control Trac or a 1354 BW?
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    ABS Light Still On After Sensor Replacement

    Did you clear the ABS code after putting in the new axle sensor?
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    97 Explorer Ticking

    First off what oil are you using and what is the cold and hot oil pressure when engine is at idle using a mechanical guage?
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    92 Explorer XLT 4.0 OHV 4x4

    Are you sure your daughter has her foot off the throttle pedal during the start cycle?
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    99 4.0 sohc dead cylinder

    I would use a leakdown tester to isolate whether you have a valve or a piston problem in #6 cylinder before you throw any more parts in. Did a complete compression test get done on all the cylinders? Any codes?
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    Fluctuating engine temperatures

    You mention that you had previous coolant loss problem. Any reason found? Ford used a very poor quality thermostat and recommend a Stant brand replacement with new seal. Be sure to locate the vent hole properly. Make sure you are using good quality antifreeze with at least a 50/50 mixture. The...
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    help diagnosing overheating problem

    Sad numbers for compression. Did you do it with throttle wide open and engine at operating temp? Sludge at the trans cooler ftgs on the rad is not a good sign. When did the trans last get a complete oil change & filter? What color is the engine oil?
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    Transfer case problems

    There is no such thing as a good cheap repair!
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    Using sealer in oil to fix blown head gasket

    After four years of sitting how were the cyld walls - Rusted? Did you inspect both banks? Was there any signs of coolant in any bore? Did you shave both heads so as not to mismatch the head to intake fitment? Was (were) the head(s) pressure tested before re-install? What color was the old...
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    Clutch Adjustment

    The clutch slave cyld bleeder v/v is on top near the bellhousing end. If your pedal release is near the bottom of its stroke I would say you either have a clutch wear problem, the rod to the master cyld is incorrect lenght or worn pivot points on the clutch pedal rod. Make sure you are using the...
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    clutch engaging problem

    It sure sounds like the clutch assembly let go. If the clutch is hydraulic actuated check to make sure the master cyld. has fluid in the reservoir. The slave cyld is inside on the trans input shaft. Any fluid leaks on the underside of the bell housing that looks like brake fluid.
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    Dealer versus repair shop for transmission rebuild-please help me choose

    If you go to any ATRA certified transmission shop you are pretty well guaranteed a fair price and a good warranty. I alway prefer to rebuild your existing trans rather than use an exchange if possible, as long as it is not fried. Why do you need a rebuild besides mileage.