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    Misfire Question

    Thanks I sealed the plug boot with some grease will let it go for a while and check it. If it is the intake :eek: would I be able to see coolant leaking somewhere else or does it just go into the plug hole with no other signs. Thanks again for the help.
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    Misfire Question

    Got an 05 Eddie with the 4.6, 177,000. started misfiring the other day. Borrowed a friends scanner and found #8 cyl. was the culprit. Picked up plugs cause who knows when it was last tuned. When I pulled the #8 coil off I found water in the plug well, so that explains the misfire. But has...
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    Vibrations At 65+ mph

    oops Forgot about this post, the u-joint fixed it yaay. But alas the new issue is the driveshaft weight I threw yesterday, got a temp fix for now (hose clamp trick) till I get a new shaft. :mad:
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    Vibrations At 65+ mph

    My take My 05 Eddie started the rumble strip vibration last week. Have done all 4 wheel bearings so I kinda ruled that out. Had the Drone and severe vibration at 60 mph plus, below that it felt fine, found a bad rear u-joint. There was no clunking or slop while it was in the truck, it all felt...
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    Heater Question

    I get heat from the floor vents, but the defrost and dash vents still blow cold air. Is this the infamous Blend Door issue?
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    Whistle noise

    While driving I get a whistle from engine compartment I think. I does not happen at idle and only last a couple of seconds an is louder when cold. any thoughts?
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    Vibration question

    I can feel it in the seat of my pants. I set the cruise control and it seems to come and go when going up or down hill. I tried the neutral at speed and it gets a little better.I will check the ball joints and bearings this weekend. It sounded like something broke off and bounced out from under...
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    Vibration question

    Was on my way home from work and heard a snap and what sounded like it threw a wheel weight. It started a vibration immediatly that starts at about 60mph. Engine speed has no effect on it. Had a balance and rotate help. There is also a low rumble sound and it is not felt in the...
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    PCM Question

    Please Help Cant find info on ECU anywhere. Any help at all! I know there is a genius here somewhere!!! :( Thanks Louie
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    Fuel Filter Replacement.

    Thanks I know it's an old thread but the info on this site is invalueable, I busted a clip today but was able to get one with the P/N here. Thanks Louie.
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    PCM Question

    I have a 93 Explorer Eddie Bauer. It needs a PCM and I'm thinking it has an aftermarket or reman PCM in it now as it has no part # on it. Is there any way to detirmine which one I need, or will any 93 Fed emission at unit work? Thanks Lou
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    Replacing freeze plugs

    I did the left side on my 93 by pulling the exhaust manifold and going thru the wheel well. Was still a pain in the butt. Hope this helps
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    93 EB Power window

    I want to swap out the right rear cable driven regulator to the solid style. I have the thread that shows the swap. Does anyone have the parts for sale and how much? Shipped to 03782. Can't believe it won't pass inspection cause my window is broke. :banghead: Thanks Lou
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    Rear Passenger Side Window Motor Help

    My 93 has a cable operated window (pass. rear) possibly a replacement door? wewre all 93 and up supposed to be non cable. this is the only doo I've had apart.