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    4x4 Auto Engagement

    i'll have to get mine changed - i just don't think it could be good to have it shifting that violently especially at 16 degrees like it was today - i've been considering going to all synthetic fluids anyway -- any thoughts on that ?
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    bank 1 lean - bank 2 lean

    the mechanic where i work will be back from his month long vacation on wednesday and i'm gonna have him look it over - it's due for a new inspection sticker anyway so i'll have them give it a look and then i can tell the mechanic at the lot i bought it from what to fix
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    4x4 Auto Engagement

    mine does that too - seems like it would have ripped something out by now
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    bank 1 lean - bank 2 lean

    more problems we were out last night and while driving on dry road at about 35 to 40 mph the front end started making a grinding noise like maybe the 4wd was trying to engage - my wife has told me it has done it before but never when i was driving - she said that when it did it to her it was...
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    bank 1 lean - bank 2 lean

    when set to defrost air blows out the defroster but still comes out on the floor - it has done that since i got it - the guy who worked on it said it was because of vac leak on motor - i told him it did that before that problem came about but he said it was working fine - i guess they'll just...
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    bank 1 lean - bank 2 lean

    got the ex back from the shop thursday - it was the pcv hose that was cracked causing engine to run bad -- speed sensor in rear wheel causing abs light to be on -- they couldn't get the 4 wd to make a noise when auto engaging -- said there was nothing wrong with heater yet it still blows hot air...
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    bank 1 lean - bank 2 lean

    thanks for all the info -- when i bought my used explorer a year ago i bought one of those overpriced warranties and tomorrow the dealer is sending a flatbed to come and get it -- it is at it's worse at idle (it'll barely run surges shudders and eventually dies) can't see hear or find a vaccum...
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    bank 1 lean - bank 2 lean

    thanks for all the info -- damn i hope it's not the plugs -- i told my wife that there was no way it was plugs or wires --
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    bank 1 lean - bank 2 lean

    i have an 03 explorer with v-8 -- engine will barely idle and is really rough runs good once wound up - have service engine soon light on - had it checked at advance and code said bank 1 & 2 lean - seems like a vac line leak but i don't see anything cracked or unhooked - any ideas ?
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    2002 Explorer - chirping noise when AC is on...

    my 03 chirps too -- figured it was the clutch and sorta just got used to it --if i was gonna spray anything on it i would use white grease instead of wd - 40
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    ford 2003 xls is totally dead

    just guessing but maybe something to do with alarm or other add-ons
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    4.0 Or 4.6

    never had a 4.0 but i really like my 4.6 -- good power not the best mileage but what do you expect when you get a 4wd -- go for the v-8
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    Anyone have these fog light billet grills?

    i really like em -- only reason i didn't get a grille yet was because i hadn't seen pieces to cover that area and didn't think grilles looked right without em
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    Black Corners

    i saw some on ebay a few days ago
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    I hate you Pep Boys!

    i knew of a shop around here that 90% of the time when they changed transmission fluid they would never even take the pan off -- just clean the pan and all around the bolts with brake clean and send it on it's way -- but hey i guess they never rounded off any pan bolts that way
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    I hate you Pep Boys!

    they make some sockets that will take rounded off bolts right out -- would have only taken a minute -- what's the old saying -- right tool for the job
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    I hate you Pep Boys!

    the bolts holes were stripped or were the heads rounded off or were they broke off in the case ?? either way it shouldn't have been that hard to get em out
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    going in for repairs

    well i guess it's time to try out that high dollar warranty i bought -- the rearend in my 03 is shuttering pretty bad now-- i called the place i bought it from and they said bring it in and they would have a loaner ready for me -- i have read here and on fte about some of these vehicles getting...
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    sounds like rumble strips

    just because you got new tires doesn't mean that there's nothing wrong there -- did it do it before the tires were put on -- were the lugs torqued correctly -- i would at least check them
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    High Pitched whine on 02 EB

    i just bought my 03 in decenber and the first time it got really cold i noticed it
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    odd Skipping in Cd player

    borrow one
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    Plans for mods - your thoughts??

    got a roof rack ? take it off
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    i am thinking about air or electric lockers for mine -- i don't know if they are available for my 03 but that would seem like the best and most contollable way to have 4 wheel 4wd
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    high beam bulbs?

    mine are all factory and driving lights go out when i switch to hi beam -- i was just looking for a way for them to burn with hi beams
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    heater/air controls

    my 03 blows out hot air on floor on drivers side when i have it set to defrost