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    Front pinion seal

    I know there have been a few threads on the pinion seals. I recently (August 16th) had the front pinion seal replaced due to leaking. After checking my records, I found out this is the third time. The first in August '98 and the second in September '99. The first two were at one dealer, the last...
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    "Dieseling" noise

    Jas84, do you mean it goes away with out replacement? I know there is the problem with the cam chain guide.
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    "Dieseling" noise

    BExplorer, the sound is when the motor is running and at idle (vehicle is parked). I haven't tried reving the motor. I also dont' notice it when going down the road (road noise may or may not mask it). The oil level is fine. The groaning seems to increase when increasing throttle. I really only...
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    "Dieseling" noise

    Since the temperatures have gone up this summer (low to mid 90s or so), I have ran into some engine noise. It is not necessarily high temperature dependent though. Quite a few times, I've driven somewhere (it doesn't have to be a great distance), parked and turned the engine off. Ten minutes or...
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    Summer 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals - Bloomsburg, PA

    Is anyone planning on going to the Summer 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Bloomsburg, PA. It's the weekend of July 13 - 15. I'll be there, but unfortunately won't have the Explorer. My brother, cousin and I will be there with my brother's Super Duty. At least it's a Ford. If anyone is going, let...
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    Pictures of roof rack light wiring?

    Thanks Leebo for the concern. Even though the lights are switched, fused and relayed, I'll definitely keep an eye on them. I may eventually rethink the wiring. Unfortunately, there really is no perfect way to wire roof lights. Through the roof is definitely out. Even through the rear hatch (like...
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    Pictures of roof rack light wiring?

    Blue Steel, here's a couple more pictures. I couldn't get any up sooner, with the holiday, vacation and all. Hopefully the first is a better picture of where the wires enter the door. The second is the entry point with the door open. The wires follow that recess down to the end, then across just...
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    Pictures of roof rack light wiring?

    Blue Steel, Here's a couple pictures. The second shows where the wires enter the door. I'll try to some better pictures if you like. I had to recharge the batteries in my camera. I can also show how I routed the wires. Dead Link Removed Dead Link Removed Dead Link Removed Dead Link Removed
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    Pictures of roof rack light wiring?

    Thanks Brian. That's the kind of picture I was looking for. How did you route your wires through the hatch area and through the truck? I found small grommets down near the rear lights. I actually ended up running the power/ground wires off the rack and through the upper rear corner of the...
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    Foam strip near front door hinges

    On my '98 Sport, if you open the passenger door and look through past the hinges, you can see a long vertical foam strip (additional fender firewall barrier?). This has come loose. Does anyone know how it is attached? It is not easy to get at. The driver side is fine. Thanks.
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    What gauge wire for Hella 500 lights?

    I need to extend the wires for a set of Hella 500 lights going on a safari roof rack. Does anyone know what gauge wire the kit comes with? I don't want to run into trouble. I will need to extend the black power and blue ground wires. Thanks.
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    Interior plastic panels

    Thanks Stephen. I'm going to try and get the lights wired up as soon as possible. Your quick reply was greatly appreciated. Hopefully I can post some pictures when done.
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    Interior plastic panels

    I have a '98 Sport. How are the interior panels attached and how can they be removed or slightly moved out of the way? I am mainly interested in the parts around the driver (or passenger) door. I would like to run light wires from a safari roof rack through the rear hatch area, then behind the...
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    Pictures of roof rack light wiring?

    I know there are countless ways to run light wires down from an aftermarket roof (safari) rack, but was wondering if anyone had some good pictures of how they did it. I have read some of the threads. I have a '98 Sport and haven't seen a good route yet. Drilling a hole in the roof is definitely...
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    Aiming lights on roof rack

    Great ideas! Thanks for both responses. I hope to have the lights on the rack up and running this week or coming weekend. The fun part will be the wiring. I don't think these type of lights were meant to mounted so high. I picked up some extra wire and have a few ideas to route the wires. Any...
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    Aiming lights on roof rack

    What is the best way to correctly aim lights mounted on a roof rack (Surco Safari)? I have some Hella 500 fog light mounted low on a Westin Safari bar. They were pretty straight forward to aim. The lights going on the roof rack are Hella 500 driving lights and are obviously meant to shoot a lot...
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    Roof rack screws

    I have a '98 Sport. Does anyone know the specifications of the roof rack mounting screws. These are the ten or so screws attaching the side rails to the roof. I recently had most of the rack replaced because it was pealing bad. The dealer partially stripped some of the screw heads. I also do not...
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    PIAA vs. APC Super Whites

    Any opinions or experience between PIAA and APC Super Whites? I'm looking into getting some 9007's for my '98 Sport. A local place selling both say the APC's are brighter. They are also less expensive. How about quality and how long they should last (either ones)?
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    Mastercraft Tires?

    I haven't used Mastercraft, but I know they are made by Cooper Tire. I started a thread asking about Cooper and Dean (also by Cooper) tires, but no response. I would also like to hear about some of these lesser know tires. It would be more convenient, since I have a Dean dealer around the...
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    Exploring Western NY?

    Are there any Explorer owners from the Rochester, NY or western New York area? I know there are 4x4 clubs here and there, but am not aware of any that are Explorer specific. Not that they have to be. We always hear about the big Explorer runs out west, but what about in the northeast?
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    Explorer & LT-metric?

    Bob, I would definitely check out the Big O tires, but I don't think they are available here in the northeast. I did check out their web site though. I'll probably look into Cooper tires, because I can get them just around the corner. Possibly the BFG T/A KO's from the same place. I opened up a...
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    Still More Lighting Questions

    Another Foglight Question I have a '98 Sport. Is it safe to assume the foglight bulbs are inferior and that the lenses and reflectors are ok? If so, I could just upgrade to PIAA's H3 Super White Platinum Series bulbs (55w = 85w). That's assuming they are H3's. Comments? Otherwise, new foglights.
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    FREE SET OF PIAA 9007'S!!!! And the winner is...

    Ray Bates
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    Need a Digital camera?

    Matt, do you use the a/c adapter available from Olympus or another one? Which one exactly? I hear it's better to use the Olympus a/c adapter.
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    Need a Digital camera?

    Downloading? Kilroy or Matt, how are you downloading your images? Are you using a card reader or the included serial cable? I have an older computer, so I'm using the cable. I haven't seen it effect the batteries yet. It can take awhile to download with the cable. Comments?