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    Lifting (?) a stock 1999 Automatic 4x4

    whats wrong with shackles?
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    Trailer harness

    I got mine for my ride from Ford was like $50 or something.. just plugged in and works like a charm never had to do anything else to it.
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    SOHC vs OHV

    i average about 19-22 with mine depending on how I drive..
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    C & L MAF Install

    has anyone put this on a OHV 4.0? If so how did it work out for you? Any dyno numbers?
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    Throttle Body 4.0

    I am getting the BBK one and have a friends with a dyno once I check it out I will post the findings on here.
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    Throttle Body 4.0

    how much?
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    Just did breaks, now having trouble

    I have the same prob with my 96 no abs light and new pads and rotors. its been like that since I bought the truck. It only does it once I am almost stopped. it does not hinder my braking though just the pedal vibrates..
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    Power Windows Not Working

    will nothing work? Cause my power door locks and mirrors work fine.. Its just the windows.
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    200amp alternator???

    Has anyone done a write up on an electric fan install on a 96x? OHV?
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    Power Windows Not Working

    Thanks.. I will try it and see what happens..
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    Power Windows Not Working

    Any ideas on how to get them going? They were working on and off.. now they wont work at all.. Thank god they are all up.. I have been trying to trace wiring but I do not have a fuse diagram for my X. Anyone got a pic of what all the fuses are for? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.!
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    Throttle Body 4.0

    how about Mass Air Meter?
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    Throttle Body 4.0

    ok then is the BBK one really add 6-12 hp? Is it a big difference?
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    Throttle Body 4.0

    i'm looking for a junk yard bolt on from another vehicle..
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    Throttle Body 4.0

    So I have searched and searched all over the forum, and cannot seem to find anything on an aftermarket TB for the OHV 4.0L. Has anyone done one? Can I get one from a certain vehicle that will just bolt right upto mine? Does it even make a huge difference? Thanks in advance for all the help.
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    Cone filter questions

    check on ebay I got a complete kit with filter and tube for $65 and it works great. If you want just the K&N filter replacement for the stock box I have one and would love to get it out of my garage.. Was on less than 1000 km.
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    More Height

    why would you have take off the BL to install the superlift?
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    hello any calgarians around

    just remove the back one. or it will run like ****.
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    lift kit

    try search engine its been discussed a lot..
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    Trouble finding 96 XLT 3" BL

    Your gonna want the Performance Accessories 853 kit for the Ranger.. and you will have to make new bumper brackets.. the layout for them are on this site somewhere try using search.
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    Weird Things Happening

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    Weird Things Happening

    What should the fuel pressure be at the schrader valve?
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    Weird Things Happening

    I got home no problems but the temp was only like 21c on the way home.. Has not happened again.. weird..
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    Weird Things Happening

    hmm I changed it less than 10 000 km ago.. Should it be more often than that? the only thing i did different is i filled up before that with premium which i was saying was the cause of the problem. Or maybe the heat? The truck was perhaps not used to it..
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    Weird Things Happening

    So I was headed upto the mountains with the X and towing my quad behind. After about 4 hours of driving it started sputtering, when you put the pedal down it would bog out with no power then it eventually stalled. After waiting 10 mins it would drive fine for another hour then did it again.. I...