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    255/70R15's instead of my stock 235/75R15's Anyone done this?

    I am currently running 255/70's on my 98 4 door. No problems at all and they look great. Looks tuffer with the wider tires.
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    Where Can I find A Pushbar for a 98 XLT ?

    I am looking for a pushbar for my 98 4x4. I don't want the whole brushguard just a pushbar in the center. All the places near where I live no longer carry anything for a 98. I know you guys should have some good ideas. Thanks in advance for any input. :salute:
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    need help with what to do with 4.0L SOHC

    Just a Mustang or another Explorer. The Explorer engines always seem to cost more for some reason.
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    need help with what to do with 4.0L SOHC

    I wouldn't put all that money into a motor with that many miles. Try to find a 4.0 Mustang engine. They are plentiful and pretty cheap out of a wreck. Search the forum , a few have done this swap already.
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    Need Help badly! Have to always jumpstart to get my explorer started

    I usually start by pulling one fuse at a time and checking to see if it stops pulling on the battery. If you have off road lights or a sound system installed I would start with those.
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    Need Help badly! Have to always jumpstart to get my explorer started

    Hold a screwdriver really close to the negative post while the truck is off. If you get a spark from the screwdriver to the post (like a sparkplug) then something is pulling power from the battery while the truck is off. Draining it overnight.
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    '11 Explorer Revealed!!

    Looks a whole lot like a SHO.
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    deamon3's Jurassic Park explorer build thread

    I saw one of the original Explorers from the movie in a movie car museum. It was pretty cool. Don't forget to put the wooden box on the dash like the movie explorer. Remember the box they were talking into? It's still in the one in the museum.
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    Can a bad brake master cylinder cause a grinding...

    Try the two caliper bracket bolts. The two bigger bolts that hold the bracket to the truck. The one that has to be removed to change rotors. These are bad to get loose if they have been taken off before. When they get loose it makes all kinds of noises.
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    Flashing 4WD / $WD Lo lights and "clunk" up front!

    Look under the truck where the transfer case is. There is a little black sensor with one bolt holding it in right where the driveshafts come out of the transfer case. One for each driveshaft. The wiring harness goes back to the shift motor. All they are really is electromagnets. The crud...
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    Flashing 4WD / $WD Lo lights and "clunk" up front!

    Disconnect battery. Remove both speed sensors. One by each driveshaft on transfer case. Clean crap off the speed sensors and put them back in. It worked for me 4 years ago and still no more blinks.
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    1998 4.0 to 2006 4.0 ??

    Thanks , someone on this site reasearched it and said they were the same if you bolt on the intake and exhaust manifolds from the explorer. I did some research of my own and both engine appear to have the exact same longblock configuration. I think the improved harmonic balancer on the stang...
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    1998 4.0 to 2006 4.0 ??

    Instead of fixing my crappy timing chains in my 98 I have a friend who has a 2006 4.0 SOHC engine with low miles. Is it the same engine with the exception of the intake? Would it be a direct swap for my 98 4.0 SOHC? Somebody please let me know. I can get this engine right now for $200. Alot...
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    Which is Better: 2dr or 4dr?

    2 door has crappy monoleaf rear suspension. 4 door has stronger suspension.
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    sohc timing cover removed. guess what I found

    It's alot of work but not hard if you are use to working on engines. I will take pics as soon as I get some batteries for my camera. Remove upper intake, remove drivers side valve cover, remove alternator mounting bracket, take bolts out of ps an ac bracket and move it out of you way. Do not...
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    2002 x-v8 4x4 can I disable 4x4 ?

    Your door code is on the module mounted to the pillar at the rear passenger door. The pillar the the seat belt hooks to. Remove or pry the plastic cover back and the module will be there with 5 numbers on it. That's your code.
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    sohc timing cover removed. guess what I found

    Thanks. I will report back when I find out. By the way, the truck has 129,000 on the clock and i was very suprised to see the timing components in good shape. I will change the tensioners and guides on the front of the engine. I'm hoping the rear will hold out for a while.
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    SOHC help

    So I can't just remove the chain and leave the balance shaft in place? The only reason I ask is because I've worked my butt off on this engine while it is in the truck. I hate to have to remove the engine now just for a balance shaft tensioner.
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    SOHC help

    Did anyone find out if the engine would be ok without the balance shaft? My chain tensioner is broke for my balance shaft. The engine is in the truck. Can I drop the pan down enough in the truck to replace this tensioner? What if I just removed the chain from the balance shaft. Would it...
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    2002 explorer wheels

    I agree. The rims will fit your rig.
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    sohc timing cover removed. guess what I found

    HELP! SOHC timing cover removed. guess what I found When I removed the timing cover I found my primary chain guide ok and the tensioner was intact but not applying much tension to the chain. There's one problem ! Then I noticed the small chain for the balance shaft had no lower tensioner at...
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    Solved TSB 02-7-6 4.0L SOHC Timing Chain Rattle

    X goes under the knife this weekend in my garage. Time to get down to business. Wish me luck !
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    Mystery in oil pan

    Look here.... Scroll down the page and look at his oil pan pics. Look fimiliar ?