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    Fuel filter problems

    okay, tomorrow morning. sounds like i am going to need to check the fuel pressure and the probably be removing the fuel tank...
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    Fuel filter problems

    Damn, I've never changed a fuel pump but the pump itself is a hundred bucks plus I bet its a pain to put in. would that explain why it runs for 15-20sec every time i put a new filter in but no longer. I am thinking of just running a hose in place of the filter and see if the pump is making at...
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    Fuel filter problems

    Hey guys, 1993 4.0 v6 explorer, all stock I am having alittle bit of a problem. I ran outta fuel right in front of my house (gas gauge broke, I just use the trip meter). I coasted down hill to my house. I put 10 gallons of fresh gas in the tank and it wouldn't start. I took of the old...
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    Freeze plug: need to pull the engine?

    The front left freeze plug on my 1993 ford explorer is leaking a lot of coolant. i've spent about 3 hrs today trying to pry the old one out but got nowhere. Its in a tough spot to get to but i know if i had more room i could easly get it out. do you guys have any good tips on how to remove...