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  1. K

    navigation system on limited a real disapointment

    I agree with everyone's comments. I will just report the issues everytime my X is in the shop for documentation purposes. Anyone know if this is something that could be a lemon law issue since it can not be repaired?
  2. K

    Aftermarket wheels

    IMO those wheels only made that X look uglier.
  3. K

    Aftermarket wheels

    If it was my main driver I might do that but since my wife is mainly driving we are going this route. I think white on white would look cool. White powder coated KMC Monsters with All Terrains and a leveling kit (at least) if they ever come out with anything.
  4. K

    Aftermarket wheels

    I ordered Vossen 078s and they looked tiny and cheap even though they aren't. I think the secret is to get a flat lip that has a bit of a concave shape to it otherwise the wheels look small. The other think to keep in mind is that a black wheel gets lost with the black of the tire then the wheel...
  5. K

    Aftermarket wheels

    Has anyone added aftermarket wheels to their X yet? I thought I did my research and ordered a set of highend 22" wheels and tires and when they came in and had one mounted for fitment they looked very cheap like something you might find at Pepboys. I am starting the search all over again. I know...
  6. K

    Myford Touch navigation Issues

    I found the Nav be poor also. I had a 2010 Navigator and did not have the issue and it also pronounced streets normal this one does not. Very strange pronounciation for normal streets like "University". It sent me into a parking lot off a wrong exit then told me to make a u turn. I am hoping...
  7. K

    3M Paint Protection Film

    I have never had that happen to any of my vehicle but I heard cheap stuff will do that. I also think it depends on the care of the vehicle. i have seen paint that looks like crap because people never take care of it. Believe me I have seen some of those yellow and brown cracking clear bras and...
  8. K

    Has anyone heard of CGS Motor Sports for Aftermarket Air Intake & Cat Back Systems?

    I was asking about the wheels and tires if you want that they are 22x8.5 with 265/40/22 tires.
  9. K

    3M Paint Protection Film

    Just under 1k. I hate chips so it is worth it to me and I have a thousand dollar deductible so wouldn't use insurance for that type of repair.
  10. K

    3M Paint Protection Film

    That is the first thing that I do to any new vehicle we get. i spent a bundle because I pit a lot on 24 in on hood, fenders, front bumper, grill, headlights,fog lights, loading area of rear bumper, door handle pockets, door sills, and a piece across the roof above windshield (I didn't realize...
  11. K

    Explorer v. Grand Cherokee

    Dave, you are doing the right thing by checking the forums to get opinions I tend to do the same thing. Like others have said make sure you are looking at all your needs. Will you ever need to carry 6-7 people? I would also check the Jeep Cherokee forum to see if the MPG listed is holding true...
  12. K

    Has anyone heard of CGS Motor Sports for Aftermarket Air Intake & Cat Back Systems?

    They have been around for a while and have done several SEMA Ford vehicles. I called them and they seem to have great customer service even though I was just asking specs on the 2011 Explorer they had at SEMA.
  13. K

    Just got back

    I have had this happen in all makes of vehicles I have owned so Ford doesn't have the market on this issue. The service depatments always say it is supposed to do that.
  14. K

    Aftermarket headunits > MFT ??

    I have also read about downloading Sync my iTunes. i don't know much about it since I don't have our X yet but you may want to search on Sync My or the web. Good luck.
  15. K

    Ramp 79 awaiting shipment

    Can anyone tell me if being on Ramp 79 awaiting shipment is better than being "awaiting shipment" at factory which is the case with the original order built 1/9? Also does anyone know the average time on Ramp 79?
  16. K

    OEM Hankook Tires, Like or Dislike

    If I was getting 20's that might be an option but I am going up to 22's to "personalize" our X. I am getting the 4wd model so I am not anticipating problems. I have lived here 15 years and have never needed snow tires. I am going to at least give them a shot. The reviews so many people are...
  17. K

    Remote start?

    You may want to get it checked out at the dealer. If it is like aftermarket ones you do need to have a very slight pause between two times you press.
  18. K

    Aftermarket wheels

    Ben, I think the only off road type tire out there are the Nittos. I think they also make the size in the Dune Grapplers. It appears that there is a very slight rake to the Explorers so i bet someone will come out with a leveling kit that might allow a little bit bigger tire but not much. Good...
  19. K

    Paint treatment or clear bra?

    Definetly go for the clear bra it will provide the best protection. That is the first thing that goes on any car we buy. FYI it is hard not to see flaws on a dark car but still looks better than chips all over the front end .
  20. K

    OEM Hankook Tires, Like or Dislike

    I don't have my X yet so I can not say either way. I am no sure what you are comparing the ride to because they are 50s so there is not as much sidewall as the 18s. I also looked at the reviews on TireRack after the posts on here and noticed that all the reviews on there were Hyundais or other...
  21. K

    Husky 3rd row / 2nd console update

    Thanks for the info stilling waiting for our X.Hey any idea why they stopped making the "classic" diamond plates style? I think that was much better looking instead of the random lines and designs.
  22. K

    Do no get plat white if you are hoping it will not show chips and scratches

    That is why I clear bra as much of the front end as I can. We get gravel put on the roads all over in the winter. Good luck with the fix.
  23. K

    Aftermarket wheels

    Per my wheel guy they the bolt pattern fits but the Edge wheels have a much larger center bore. He said he is not sure if the make a hub ring to fit put said you could get some made. The Edge wheels are nice wheels but if you are paying full price for them you would be better getting aftermarket.
  24. K

    Aftermarket wheels

    I looked into it and they do make them in 22s to fit but I don't know if they will have that concave look because 1. They wheels they show are 10.5 inches wide and 2. The X is FWD based instead or RWD like the Range Rover. If you check Vossen's website there are pics of FWD cars with 9 inch...
  25. K

    Aftermarket wheels

    I really like the ones on the Funkmaster Flex X but those 24s with not a lot of sidewall. The tires they have on there are about 7-8 mph off from original odometer. They do fill the wheelwells nicely though.