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    Debut of 2016 Explorer

    Generations are based the underlying platform. The 2011-2015 and 2016 run on the same platform.
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    Debut of 2016 Explorer

    Kinda reminds me of this.
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    Debut of 2016 Explorer

    Loving the new front end over the current gen due to it looking more tough over the current one.
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    2016 Explorer Order Guide

    Thanks for the PDF. Good to see what's offered. So are LED headlights standard across all models?
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    2016+ Ford Explorer will be the redesign?

    The wiper on the rear glass doesn't mean it will open. That's how the wiper is on the current gen.
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    Is this a 2015 Explorer?

    Was going to say the same. 2015 Sports have body color door handles. All the user has to do is look up the window sticker with their VIN. You can also tell by the VIN too.
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    Caliper Covers for Sport

    You just need to say "Fast and Furious" :)
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    Ford explorer HID get exchanged to Halogen by dealer

    But you should notice a white light versus a yellowish light. Anyways so your saying one side is a 9005 bulb connector and the other is the D3S bulb?
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    Caliper Covers for Sport

    LOL I don't see any images. Just the std photobucket message stating the image has been moved or deleted.
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    Ford explorer HID get exchanged to Halogen by dealer

    Also the HID bulbs are D3S bulb types and not 9005 (non-hid). HID on Limited is only as "option" or with the 302A package. Otherwise you get standard halogen headlights.
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    HID Install +Pics - Step by Step

    Correct, for it to be a true HID you would need to change out the lens and housing as you stated since halogens have different light patterns.
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    HID Install +Pics - Step by Step

    So this isn't a real HID retrofit, it's just installing the "HID" bulb into a halogen housing. How bad is the light scatter/spread?
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    Lowering the Explorer

    Yes if you have a suspension warranty claim but if it's engine related warranty issue you could have that still covered but get ready to fight the dealership.
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    Aftermarket wheels

    Those look sweet.
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    My XSport is getting some new paint,

    Looks great! I used to love the eddie bauer tan bottom trim. I think that would look good on the standard explorer limited. Instead of the black.
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    Lowering the Explorer

    How has the shocks and struts fared after the drop? I know your putting more stress on them due to the drop since you should put shocks and struts to compensate for the new spring rate.
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    2015 Ford Explorer Order Guide & Changes

    Nice looks like a lot of new standard features are coming to the 2015 Sports. Can't wait to see a magnetic. Love the heated steering wheel, power fold mirrors and color match door handles. But it does suck that HID still not available on the 2015.
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    Finally!!! My 2013 Ford Explorer "BLACK EDITION"!!!

    Wow this Explorer looks amazing.
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    6000k Kensun HID Kit installed

    Has anyone actually done a retro fit to HID? Only reason is the lens for non-hid don't offer the sharp cutoff that HID designed lens would. Looks good though. Be interesting to see from another car's point of view.
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    Factory HID's

    So the HID harness for stock lights are different? I'd be ingested to see.
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    2003 Explorer 4.6L Coolant Loss

    If this was to be fixed by mechanic, how much would one charge to fix this? Reason I'm asking is we have experience some coolant loss and I haven't dug into the engine to find if this is possibly the root cause. We are trying to sell it and wonder what the cost would be to fix to help with our...
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    Headlight Amber Lens Tint

    Any nighttime pics of the LED's?
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    Videos; Short clips of all 2013 Ford Explorer Features

    These are the same videos that were used when the 2011 debut. Nothing new.