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  1. J

    whiny sound

    does it sound kind of like a supercharger in a way? mine does that too but it doesnt really bother me.
  2. J

    4 low question

    do you have any clue which wires that would be?
  3. J

    transmission question

    i have a 91 5speed tranny out of a mazda navajo in my 91xl and was wondeirng if it would bolt up to the 95-96 4.0s
  4. J

    4 low question

    ya it goes in to 4 high but not 4 low
  5. J

    transmission question

    will a 91 tranny bolt up to a 95-96 motor?
  6. J

    4 low question

    i just converted my 91 to a 5 speed and it wont go into 4 low. does it matter if the driveshaft isnt in? is there a plug i might have missed or could it be the transfer case?
  7. J

    95 front end swap

    is it possible to put the fenders/hood/grille/headlights/bumper on a 91 ex? has anyone done it? what do you need?
  8. J

    interchangable parts ranger/explorer????

    how did you get your bumpers to stay with a 3" body lift
  9. J

    coil spring question

    on my ex now i have 4" lift springs and 2" coil spacers... now i want to get some flexyier springs. i read that the skyjacker 6" or bronco 5.5" work. but since i have the 2" spacer should i get the skyjacker 4"?
  10. J

    axle narrowing

    how do you do it
  11. J

    axle narrowing

    im considering a sas in my ex and was reading all these threads and was wondering how much is it to get an axle narrowed and where do you get something like that done?
  12. J

    Auto to manual conversion

    but the thing with that is that you only have the tranny, you need the clutch line, slave, pedal assembly, flywheel, starter, and other things like that. parts car is the only way to really go unless you have a nearby junkyard
  13. J

    Auto to manual conversion

    i just finished doing my swap like 3 days ago and love it. the best thing to do is get a parts car. i bought a 91 navajo for like 150 bucks, so just look around. the swap is actually easy. There is plates and holes for everything so i didnt even need to drill. the hardest part is the pedals...
  14. J

    leaf spring question

    im thinking about doing a sas in my 91 x. im gonnna use this d30 i have but using leaf springs. does it matter what kind of leaf springs i get? will ones for a toyota work?
  15. J

    91 sleaf sprung X

    what steering did you use?
  16. J

    auto to manual , cant get to start

    i just finishd the swap, now im in a dilema. which computer should i use? auto or manual? i tried both and it wont start, im guessing its the neutral safety switch, how do i get around this? thanks, steve
  17. J

    pedal removal

    hey im doing an auto to manual swap, how do you take out that bracket on the steering column that holds the brake pedal. i took out all the bolts and its still not moving. any tips? pleassee im so frustrated
  18. J

    need some quick input and directon on lifts

    where can you get that 8" for the ranger? ive never seen it
  19. J

    Coil Spacers

    ya i got them on mine. i guess they work, i have a 4" inch lift plus those up front and the soa in the back and its sits level.
  20. J

    auto to manual swap

    im doing an auto to manual swap in my 91, and i have a 91 navajo for a parts car. i got pretty much everything i need but got a question. do i need to get the steering column bracket that holds the pedal assembly? also what about the tranny wiring harness?
  21. J

    body mount question

    i just got a quick question and im not sure if this is the right forum or not but i have a 91 and was thinking about adding a body lift, what size are the body mount bolts?
  22. J

    will this tranny fit?

    i have a 91 ford explorer and overdrive is out, so gas mileage is killing me , i found this 91 mazda navajo with a mazda 5spd in it for like $200, will everything be a nice bolt up in the swap ?
  23. J

    power locks

    theres like 3 pink and green wires
  24. J

    power locks

    how do i wire the relay? i have a wiring harness with a red/black, red, and a green wire from the kit but what do i wire them to to make it unlock the doors?
  25. J

    power locks

    im hooking up this keyless entry system and i cant find where the door lock relay is? anybody know? btw its a 91