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    Uwharrie National Park - July 3rd, 4th, & 5th -

    I'm not going to be able to make it this time, just too much going on and not enough time and money to do it all. I'm going to donate my site to the group, it's allready paid for and under Brad Elter for Saturday and Sunday night.
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    Uwharrie National Park - July 3rd, 4th, & 5th -

    Not sure if I'm going to be able to make it. Son's graduation last weekend really took a bit out of my wallet and time. I have a couple repairs that will have to be done before I go, planned on having them done by now but had to put everything off, now I'm just running out of time.
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    I would say no. I know for sure you would at least need a new TC made for a 4x4 and a deeper tranny pan, I would not use TC from your tranny. I would think that more internal parts may be different but I'm a shadetree mechanic just learning trannies, some experts on here may be able to help...
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    ABS light bad?

    first and easiest thing is to clean the sensor located on top of the rear axle or just replace it, it's not much from parts store. Did you make sure fluid level correct?
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    Gutted cats or no?

    3.08 with 33's is really bad, mpg has got to be killing you.
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    Gutted cats or no?

    You don't need to cut them, it just unbolts. Take it out and you can look into either end, take out anything loose or look at the honeycome inside and you can see if it's clogged. It is illegal to sell a used cat so if you gut it then you will have to buy new to replace it, besides it really...
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    Don't know of a good place for rebuild. Look at that, i found a few used ones for around 400 within 100mile radius.
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    Overheating Trans in Overdrive

    You may have a blockage in the radiator. Changing fluid and filter will not cause anymore problems than you have now, a flush at a shop will loosen debri and cause more problems sometimes. Install a temp guage.
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    Trans isn't shifting out of first!!!!

    I had same problem and I'm 99% sure it was the low/reverse servo. I'm not going to explain all I went threw but you can go back and look threw my threads. My truck made a hard clunck downshifting at a light and then never would shift out of first and had no reverse. Checked servo and it was...
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    Try looking at There is also a tranny shop on main street in Statesville, never been there but looks like they would be worth checking out. I just got done replacing mine and went threw 2 trannies before 3 one held up. First two where from a '94 with less than 97k miles, both...
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    Modifying Ford Explorer Leaf Springs for Lift using F-150 Leaf Springs

    yards only want $20 a side here. Not sure if your idea would work, you won't be able to use two of the same size leafs as far as I know.
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    Uwharrie National Park - July 3rd, 4th, & 5th -

    We could do like a potluck and get together around a fire sat. night, good way to meet and chat with everyone. I know there are some good campfire cooks that can come and show off there skills, I can almost smell the deserts now.:p:
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    Replace or Rebuild Valve Body or Just Replace Solenoids

    Tell us what you got and what is wrong. Few things you can troubleshoot to help. A few tranny experts on this site that have tones of information.
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    Uwharrie National Park - July 3rd, 4th, & 5th -

    I already paid for the site so I'm in regardless. Me and misses for sure maybe my 16 and 18 year old boys.
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    Uwharrie National Park - July 3rd, 4th, & 5th -

    What happend to the ex? I just got done replacing tranny in mine. Couldn't afford a rebuild so I got a used one from a junk yard for $400. Went threw 3 junk yard trannies before I got one to hold up, was a very long 5weeks of looking at the underside of my truck. Everyone I thought I...
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    has anyone every just taken the muffler off a 4.0 SOHC?

    I blew out my muffler several months ago and had to get something cheap. Picked up the famous Cherry Bomb from Autozone for I think about $25. I expected something loud and obnoxious but I think it sounds pretty sweat for a 6 banger, very happy with it.
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    2nd Installed Tranny Same Problem HELP!!!

    Well I guess threes a charm, finally got one to hold up. I think the TC gave out on the first two, they both sounded like they granaded inside, many small pieces. The yard I got the first two really came threw on the third one. They just happened to get in a burnt out 94 that this lady had just...
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    2nd Installed Tranny Same Problem HELP!!!

    No 4x4 lights and no codes. When I took the first replacement tranny out after it failed the TC was full of debri, couldn't dump any of it out but it rattle inside. Second one I'll find out tonight. I've been hearing other stories of X owners going threw 2-3 used trannies before one holds...
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    2nd Installed Tranny Same Problem HELP!!!

    My tranny went out so I got a low mileage A4LD from a 94. Installed it drove about 8 miles then all of a sudden it has no forward or reverse, just revs up with very slight movement. When I shift into R or any other gear it grabs the gear like it should but when I press on gas it goes nowhere...
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    Pulling a transmission saturday-couple questions

    Long extensions and a breaker bar. The exhaust manifolt to Y pipe is the hardest to get loose, you may have to heat it and use plenty of PB Blaster to get the bolts out. If you take the tranny cross member off and let the tranny hang down you can get to the upper bolts much easier.
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    Runs rich, idles high, code 41

    Could be your fuel pressure regulator going bad. Mine was going bad then went out all together and found vacuum line full of fuel. Had been dumbing fuel into vacuum line straight into upper intake.
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    Transmission Temp

    Depends on where you installed it in-line. If it's after fluid goes threw radiator then you will not get a accurate temp., if installed before then it you will get a more accurate reading.
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    Please confirm what a 4x4 store told me about a lift....

    They are correct if you are off roading and trying to stuff a tire up into the fender, down travel distance does not change. You do not have to change shocks to do a TT, only if you install a suspension lift will you need longer shocks. Make sure to get an alignment after, even with alignment...
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    How do i replace a headgasket?

    This thread is for the first gen., a 95 is a 2nd gen. but you should be able to just unbolt it from the head.