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    maximum tire size for stock 2001 explorer Sport

    31" is bout the snuggest u can get
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    Anyone want to come wheelin in NY state?

    i live here the the great state of ny...*caugh caugh*....i dont know of any public like places but if u got access to land it is a blast...hills mud rock all 100 % of what wheelin should be...oh yea n breakin s***
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    4WD not workin in R

    buddy has a 2003 ranger 5 spd.....4WD works in forward gears but in order to back up u have to put it back in confused as he double hockey stick....... posibly the push button?....or gear problem? :rangerred:
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    front axle boot

    my pasenger side cv boot is cracked n grease is comming out....can i get away with just replacing the boot or do i have to replace the hole axle?.... n secondly due to $ issues how long can i go without giving it some tender loving care?....ive been carefull on her...kinda.....but i just cant...
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    This forum scares me to death

    itsmore than problems..its knowledge! tricks short cuts n other usufull info that the ppl @ ford dont want u to know about. say what u want but this forum is wonderful n been nothing but good....n i still love my X nits reliabilty......
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    Block or Suspension Lift?

    well if u go over 2" u will have to re adjust all of ur joints n shafts n stuff...if u can do all of that it will just be a headache n not so much a wallet problem... but if i had to answer id rather have a suspension lift
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    Block or Suspension Lift?

    well anything over 2" will cost u dearly but u can do a 2" lift for a total of about $120 and 1 hr under ur rig
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    Block or Suspension Lift?

    what kind of hight r u looking for?....if ur only going 2" i can save u over a thousand n shackles:p:
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    slow power windows

    so far its only the drivers side(one that used the most) but the power window goes down really slow or not at all. up works fine. i have had window visors on for over a year now n it hasnt acted up until now. posible that they are burning it out or is it one of these stupid little things that...
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    Realistic largest tire on stock 99

    ran GENERAL GRABBER AT2's .....31s on stock suspention no problems no rubbing.....then shortly after did warriors /tt.....either way u should be good ;)
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    Roof Rack Paint

    lol dont laugh at me but some cheep fine sand papper and good ol 98 cent wallmart spray ;)
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    Noise from rear axle or driveshaft?

    r u sure itain issue? could be an exhaust issue...also as crazt as it sounds make sure everythings connected(shocks, swaybars, etc)...
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    99 eddie bauer mach stereo problem

    it really depends on how good ur skills r n how fancy u wana a search tho because theres a modual thing u have to get if u want to use the stearing wheel controls on an aftermarket radio
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    Considering buying an explorer, few questions

    i LOVE MY EXPLORER!!!!! i cant relate to a 2dr but after mine i would deffinetly consider another one....but ill never get ride of the one i got:D reliable....u can drive it like u stole it any day of the week n it will still run like a champ when u put her away;)
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    Wow exploders are tough!!!

    2yrs next month...
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    Wow exploders are tough!!!

    my hats off to ya bud...i myself am a volunteer fireman......eplorers are tuff being built on a ford truck frame:thumbsup:.......i dont like the AWD feature doing the brown wire mod shortly...when i respond to calls the ass end kicks out n i coorect( BAD IDEA) then it finally kicks in n...
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    Mounting KC Daylighters

    roof mounted lights do not vreate a glare or distration. my buddies n i both have roof mounted "safari lights".........HOWEVER!!!!...check state law before considering this idea as it maybe against state law n regulation
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    High Mileage SOHC's Explorers

    dude sounds like my life....if it wasnt for bad luck id have no luck at all:(
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    Caliper Replacement

    chance of a new caliper being bad is very posible....however the fact that the other side maybe be bad is posible as well. check and see if both calipers have the same amount of force... check the the one side worn more than the other?
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    check for leaks! if u can have someone look under as u pump the brakes....if not pump them the get out n look under teh vehicle. i also sugest looking at the back side of the tires to see if it is a caliper problem(brake fluid pours down the inside of the tire):salute:.
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    thumping noise

    couple of us have had simular problem. mine was a scensor but there is also a post on here bout this. if i remember correctly its the pins in the transfer case wearing out or somethin along those lines. look in the search thing for "front end clunk" and if that doesnt work "transfer case...
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    Shocks for Torsion Twist/Shackle Lift

    k thanks...i like to double check...dont want to spend $60 bucks then $200 in repairs....thanks!;)
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    Shocks for Torsion Twist/Shackle Lift

    ok guys i would like a some clairification b4 i order the shackles...i just put sensatrac shocks all the way ?...... ARE STOCK SHOCKS GOING TO WORK WITH 1 1/2 TT/SHACKLE LIFT OR DO I HAVE TO UPGRADE? (as i just spen $150 in shocks)
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    looking for an overveiw

    i have a friend who wants to get an 2003 X. i said i would look on here n see what ppl thaught of the 03s but i searched n couldnt find like an overview or anything on them.....ne1 able to point me in the right direction? ;)
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    Do I need a TT/shackle lift for new tires?

    ok im dumb...whats TT?