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    Speedometer/Odometer Problem.

    Ok, got it working. Pulled the instrument back apart and put the cluster back in without the plastic cover. I pulled the speedometer needle back off and using a GPS while driving down a strait road at a constant speed I pushed the needle back on pointing at the correct speed. On mine with the...
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    Speedometer/Odometer Problem.

    I'm going to take it all back apart today and see if I can figure out what the problem is. If I figure out something that works I'll let you know.
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    Grenaded rear end. Shop quotes $1300. Sound about right?

    I just did the same thing in 96 Explorer. The gears cost me around $120 and they were super easy to put in.
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    Speedometer/Odometer Problem.

    OK, I have seen a lot of posts about speedometer/odometer issues, but I have not seen a fix for the speedometer yet in any of my searches. If this has already been addressed please point me tward that thread, if not I have a 1996 Ford Explorer and the odometer stopped working so I disassembled...