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    Red Raj

    EE swaybar and custom rotors are among my most recent additions. the software company i worked for tanked out so i'm temporarily removing X mods from my budget until i get a more reliable source of income. still though, i'm very happy with the state of my X. the EE swaybar is great (as many...
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    They Do Roll!! I Don't Know How I Survived...

    glad to see you made it out ok. my condolences on the loss of your X.
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    Big Block Mach 1

    i'm not a big fan of the color... but damn that car is sic!
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    TB, MAF or iFab tube/filter....which first?

    conical filter first. i'd do my exhaust next and hold off on the maf and tb for a while.
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    Explorer HID Projector mod

    now that is a unique mod. very cool stuff
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    where to readtransfer case codes?

    get a scanguage. this little gadget gets my highest seal of approval. not only does it serve as auxiliary gauges and a trip computer but i've pulled (and reset) CEL codes on my X, my roommates Maxima and a buddies Saturn. definately worth $100... although they're may be additional shipping...
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    After mods MPG tracking results 5.0

    i have a 4.0, but w/ my completely city based commute i'm getting only 11mpg :(
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    Earlier on CNN
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    Flowmaster on SOHC V6

    i really like the way my magnaflow sounds. in my opinion it's not ricey at all, it's nice and mellow when cruising (even on the highway) and it gets this deep tone when u give it some throttle. interior noise is almost negligible, especially w/ the stereo on. sometimes when i'm cruising in...
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    Which Cold Air Intake?

    yeti, lots of 4-wheelers use aftermarket intakes. they either make sure to wash them up after each trip (because they're caked w/ mud and dirt) or i know of some who swap filters on a regular basis. so they have an everyday filter and an offroad one, which are the exact same thing. that way...
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    Flowmaster on SOHC V6

    this is a clip from draft's '98 Sport. he has true dual 40's w/ 2.5" tubing and the SOHC engine. just for fun i included my X and its magnaflow w/ 2.25" tubing. If possible please "Save As.." instead of streaming the video from draft's site: Draft's '98 Sport RaginRaj's '00 XLS
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    Overdrive Problem

    that could be your problem, or at least a part. i'm assuming your EB is a 4x4 and has ControlTrac (Auto, 4H, 4L). have u done the "brown wire mod" to disable the transfer case from electronically engaging? a speed mismatch on the front and rear axels is a condition that normally activates the...
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    Flowmaster on SOHC V6

    which flowmaster? a 40 series will get u a nice deep tone that can be mistaken for a V8. the 50 series has all the performance but is way more mellow. neither have a sound that i would describe as ricey, particularly on a large displacement V6 like the 4.0
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    oznium neons are in!

    that's kinda creepy cool. might be fun to drive up on some people w/ only those lights on.
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    Which Cold Air Intake?

    there's a ton of stuff on this topic. if u've done a couple searches u'll find that everyone has an opinion on intakes. here's mine: these are the 4 most people have, sorted by price (most expensive first) *Volant *K&N *MAC *KKM obviously they all include a washable/reusable conical...
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    where and what kind of Sway bar bushings...

    u can get a set of ES (energy suspension) polyurethane bushings from explorer express. the set for the front sway bar on a '98 cost 39.95... they're probably cheaper somewhere else but i know EE carries them: go to bottom of page
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    REALLY need help with Seafoam on my 2000 5.0 V8

    if u don't get a lot of smoke... doesn't that mean your engine was pretty clean to start out with?
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    searching: rotor swap write-up

    :D my original concern when i made this thread was if my particular X (2000, 4dr, 4x4) required me to remove and repack the bearings in order to swap out rotors. thanx to everyone here i have learned that on my X the rotor sits ON TOP of the bearing/hub assembly instead of being sandwiched...
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    searching: rotor swap write-up

    thank u etc. it figures that in the end it would be john vanek from EE who ends up answering one of my questions. well this install seems a lot easier if i don't have to deal w/ any bearing/hub assemblies. sk1er17's write-up is all the more useful now... it would be better w/ some pics...
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    searching: rotor swap write-up

    i have auto-locking hubs because as far as i know that's the only way to engage the front wheels to the front axel once the transfer case starts supplying power. my understanding of the process is that when the transfer case is electronically engaged it will send power to the front axel...
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    did u disconnect the negative battery terminal for a half hour so that the ECC could "learn" your new MAF?
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    searching: rotor swap write-up

    well i'm still confused. if it will help my X is a 2000. it has 4 doors and Control Trac 4wd w/ 3 modes (Auto, 4H, 4L). there are disc brakes w/ ABS on all 4 corners and front AUTO locking hubs to work w/ the CT 4wd system. i'm hoping to figure this out before me and draft install the...
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    Brakes are upside down

    i was unaware that a '97 X had drum brakes. i thought that one of the 2nd gen changes were disc brakes at all 4 corners instead of discs up front and drums in the rear.
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    searching: rotor swap write-up

    well i got the haynes manual last night. even though it is for '91-'01 most of the pictures refer to older models (like '95 and before). there are a lot of little notes that start "for '98 and later 4wd models..." but no pictures or diagrams referring to them. on the upside it does tell you...
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    searching: rotor swap write-up

    hey guys, i've got new rotors coming and i've been searching for an install guide or write-up on the subject. i've done some searches but i haven't found anything that deals in depth w/ the front brakes. since my X is a 4x4 i have the auto hubs up front. i know that there is some additional...