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  1. J

    Good replacement Subwoofer

    I got a 1998 Mountaineer that needs a sub. It came with the factory sub just the speaker went out and need some recommadations. What size came in this truck? Jacek
  2. J

    Air Horns

    Check out this site some funny ass videos.
  3. J

    Best Programmer for A 2004 Ex?

    Are Bama Chips any good?
  4. J

    Best Programmer for A 2004 Ex?

    Who sell the best chip/programmer for a 04 explorer V8?
  5. J

    Magnaflow Catalytic Converters?

    I installed a Walker Direct fit Cat on my girls mountaineer. I noticed the same problem I was half the size but works fine no codes. The only problem I had I couldn't get the bolts loose. I took it to a local muffler shop, they installed it for 80 bucks.
  6. J

    Adjusting the Trosion Bar

    My girls Truck rightside started to sag about an inch. What is required to adjust the passagerside trosion bar to level the truck out. I do know that there is a adjustment screw but is there a locking nut or anything locking it in place. Also what the best way to adjust the high? Jack
  7. J

    Code P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)?

    I got a P0420 on a 98 Mountaineer V8 89,000 Miles. Recently I replaced all the O2 sensor about a 1.5 yrs ago. P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1). What else could it be? I checked the obd2 and this is what it computer showed me but not sure what it means. Freeze...
  8. J

    Ruff Idle

    Here's the whole story there is a aftermarket alarm system installed on the truck with auto start option. There was wire that broke loose that was connected to the lift coil that ran under the dash had no clue what it was for and it grounded out. When the wire unground it ran fine but I had a...
  9. J

    Ruff Idle

    I got a ruff idle on my girls 1998 Mountaineer V8. I got a check engine light and I got these codes off of it P-0351 and P-0352. Any clues what I should look at?
  10. J

    2003 Ford Explorer Rear Differential Whine

    My girl truck 1998 Mountaineer wined also. Need to be rebuilt. Bearing where shot.
  11. J

    steering stabilizer?

    i don't think its possible since the truck has a rack and pinion set up.
  12. J

    Advice on Extended Warranty?

    I would buy it the 3rd gen Explorer are known for having trans, rear dif, and the rear a/c lines rusting out. I would get the premium care it covers almost everything.
  13. J

    Reasonable price for 2002 Limited Full Load

    how many miles are on it?
  14. J

    2004 Explorer mysteriously stalled?

    Samething happened to me about 4 times, if I'm driving in a driving down or up hill in cruise, more in downhill . What happens if your rpms get to low with the converter locked and its right in between when it shifts gear the rpms get to low just stall out. The funny thing is I have actually...
  15. J

    Will 2005 Explorer Rims fit on my 1998 Eddie Bauer?

    Yeah they will fit but the backspacing is different.
  16. J

    rear performance suspension
  17. J

    front Diff Ratio

    thank you
  18. J

    front Diff Ratio

    Quick question is the front diff ratio the same as the rear ratio?
  19. J

    Front Diff?

  20. J

    belltech Sway bars

    they only list them to fit a 2wd only but will they fit a 4wd?
  21. J

    Front Diff?

    Pretty sure because when i removed the front drivesaft I could turn the pinon about a inch before the ring would locks and ture the wheel. Also i was comparing the problems with my friends 99 explorer V8 with no problem and also my buddy was a ford tech that was recently laid off.
  22. J

    belltech Sway bars

    Will the Belltech sway bars fit a 4wd? or only 2wd?
  23. J

    Rear E Brake Shoe Replacement

    just fix it. its not that hard the first one is always a pain in butt but just take your time with it and you'll do fine.
  24. J

    Front Diff?

    My girl have a 1998 Mountaineer V8 and the front diff is HUMMING LOAD!!! What size gear does it have since I'm looking for a used one? Jacek