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    paint code

    Does anybody know what the paint code is for the purple color on a 1993 Eddie Bauer. I am missing the sticker on the doorjamb. I also have pics of the truck but am not sure how to post them.
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    Head unit install price

    I recently had to bypass my amp, and also went to Kiefs to buy all the wiring, it only took about 30 minutes, start to finish. Real simple.
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    91 Explorer is going to be on TV
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    91 Explorer is going to be on TV

    It turned out pretty good, other than the graphics. It had 20" rims with BF Goodrich A/Ts that aren't available yet along with a lift.
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    BFG VS. Pro Comp Tires

    I'd get the pro-comps, cheaper and just as good a tire.
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    prerunner light bar

    mine's actually a 93, I lied
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    prerunner light bar

    I'm also looking for a good prerunner light bar for a 94 Explorer, and was wondering who makes a good one that's easy to install to stock bumper.
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    Hood and fenders painted. (pics inside)

    that truck is bad ass
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    ? for everyone with 31's

    34 psi on 31x10.5 Pro Comp A/Ts
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    new flares

    A friend of mine had them on his 94 XLT, but his transmission went out and he got a new car and gave them to me. I don't have them on yet, because I want to get them painted first, they're black right now.
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    new flares

    I bought a set of Warn fender flares for my 93 EB and I was wondering if there were any wheel spacers for the back wheels so that they might line up better with the fronts and to help fill in the wheel wells a little more. I've got 4x4 and 31x10.5 Pro Comp All-Terrains. Also, should I have the...
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    winch mount

    I'm thinking about getting the Warn front bumper brush guard with a winch mount for my 93 ex. I was wondering if anybody had one and how well they worked out, or is there a better front winch mount that would allow me to keep my stock bumper. Thanks.
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    oil leak

    thanks for the suggestions, I'll look at it once it starts raining here and try to get it fixed.
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    oil leak

    I just noticed yesterday that my explorer is leaking oil. I just had the oil changed last friday, and they replaced the serpentine belt as well. It has never leaked a drop of oil before, but now it's leaking pretty good. I can't exactly tell where it's coming from, but it looks pretty high up...
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    Front fender repair/replacement

    How do I find this guy? I also need to replace my front pass. side fender after some girl pulled out in front of me at school.
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    rear axle

    I meant to type driver's side, I know where it's supposed to be, and it's not there, sorry about that.
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    rear axle

    there isn't a tag in the door, I think that the truck was in an accident at some point, because the door trim on the passenger's side isn't as aged as the rest of the truck.
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    rear axle

    I was wondering what kind of rear gears I have on my truck. The tag on the cover of the rear diff says: S6220 8 27 88 3631 I used the search function but didn't come up with anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Pro-Comp A/Ts

    finally got new tires I just picked my truck up this afternoon from getting the Pro Comp A/Ts. All for $400 mounted, and balanced. I love them, they really fill up the wheel wells and make it sit about an inch higher. They're also great on the highway, and not loud at all. There's also...
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    Pro-Comp A/Ts

    A local tire shop in town is doing a promotional buy 3, get 1 free thing on Pro-Comp tires. I might be getting a set of 31x10.5s installed and was just wondering if anybody had these and how well they performed. Mostlly around town driving, road trips, and occasional off-road. I was...
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    roof mounting lights

    I just put on a yakima rack with the front fairing. I was wondering if anybody had ever made a bracket to mount a couple of 5" lights to the front round crossbar. The bars seem pretty sturdy, much more so than the stock ones.
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    door lights

    I might be making this more difficult than I should, but how do I replace the small bulbs in the front door panels? I took the cover off and tried turning the bulb, pulling it, everything, how do I do it?
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    Removed Grille Guard and added tint

    I liked it better before, but I do like the tint. Just my opinion.
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    problem with tires

    Yeah, I can't just put it on jackstands, I'm off at college and park on the street. I don't even have jackstands. I don't really have any other good ideas.
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    problem with tires

    I was wanting to get some BFGoodrich All-Terrain 31x10.5 15s on stock EB rims for 93 Ex and the local tire shop said they could not put larger sized tires on any Explorers. Has anybody else run into this problem, and what are my options? My buddy just had his Grand Cherokee's tires replaced...