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    Power but no Sound

    Hi Just thought I would throw in my experience. Had the same problem on my 1992 Explorer. Tape player was working but no sound coming out. The LED display had had stopped working long ago so I would have to guess what radio station it was on. Then it just stopped working, no sound. I...
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    Got Mine Free

    Hi Again Just a quick follow up. My brother-in-law brought his scanner over and we got code 116 for engine coolant tempuratue sensor and code 114 for intake air temperature sensor. Both of these effect the fuel mixture so I replaced them both since they were only $18 each and got a set of new...
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    Got Mine Free

    Hi Again I think I should move this over to the under the hood area. Read some postings on the FPR and checked for fuel in the vacuum lines. Didn't see any. Parts house wants $111 for a new one so I think I will take my time and try to get a better diagnosis. My brother-in-law is going to...
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    Got Mine Free

    Hi Thanks, just reading up on the fuel pressure regulator. Cleaned the MAF just for good measure, no difference. It will crank but just sputters once in a while. I pulled a plug and they are soaked in fuel. I'll keep you posted. Dan
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    Got Mine Free

    Hi Thanks to my sister-in-law I am now the proud owner of a one owner(2nd now) 1992 XLT. They had bought a later model and now another new SUV and so this one was sitting in the drive and they finally decided to donate it. I have been predicting for years that someday people would be giving...