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    Husky / Weathertech mats - Group Buy

    Gray vs. Black How similar in color are the gray mats to the stone leather seats. I have the black carpet, but thought the gray mats would brighten things up a little, but if the color isn't very close than I'll stick with black.
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    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    I just took delivery of my 2012 Explorer on Friday and was looking for advice about a tiny paint bubble on the hood about 1mm in size. It's not noticable unless you get right up on it, but I'm wondering if this is something I should be concerned about. The dealership took pictures of it and...
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    Need advice on issue with new Explorer

    During my college summers, I used to work at a Lincoln dealership as a car porter/detailer. When we got cars ready for delivery, and there was anything on the windshield, i.e., overspray, glue residue from a sticker, a bug... We used fine grit steel wool and lots of window cleaner as...
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    What's your status?

    Finally got my 2012 Limited! 2012 Limited 4WD 300A with tow package Dark Pearl Blue Metalic LT Stone interior Ordered: 5/25 VIN: 7/26 Built: 8/18 Delivered to dealer: 8/25
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    What do you tow with your 5th gen. Explorer?

    Ok, I've read numerous posts about waiting 500 or 1000 miles before towing anything... I have an 18' with trailer weighing approximately 3500lbs. Our boat launch is literally .5 miles away in our subdivision. Does anyone think I still should wait 1000+ miles before towing the boat such a...
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    What's your status?

    My 2012 is being built today, but the dealer told me it will take 2 weeks before delivery. The dealership is only about 80 miles from the Chicago plant. Is he just playing it safe, or can it really take 2 weeks? I've read numerous people stating that delivery was only 1 week after build date...
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    What's your status?

    Finally got my window sticker today... 05/28 = ordered 07/26 = VIN (121xx) 08/12 = window sticker 08/18 = build date ? = ETA.
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    Official 2012 Explorer Info

    Cory, has anyone who ordered a 2012 received a VIN yet?
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    When will the 2012s start to be built?

    Anyone know when the last of the 2011s will be built and the 2012s will start?
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    2012 Ford Explorer Order Guide

    I just placed an ordered for a 2012 limited on 5/28, so they are accepting orders now.