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    dreamr's explorer goes away :( got some random parts laying around

    After 15 years of loyal service and carrying me all over the Cascades I finally gave up on the constant rebuilding and moved on. The Explorer left with many tears from my daughter and a few from me to be replaced by a 2017 jku rubicon. I loved the Explorer and despite the fact that the new truck...
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    2nd gen steering upgrades??

    Hello folks. I have not been around on here forever :( The truck was as built as it needed to be for my purposes so I have just drove it. If you need reference follow the signature link. Outdated yes, but I have really not done any major mechanical changes since then. To the present, she is...
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    dreamr's finally elite

    Hmm who is this guy? :salute: And what happened to the truck since one can assume Dreamr is still wandering the mountains on foot most of the time? :exp: New boots and tires respectively, I assure you they are in them hills together most available days. ;) Anyway just saying hello to...
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    Dreamr's City Car Registry

    Thank you sir :) Sure has been a long project, but at least I am getting to where I can see the end coming one day lol.
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    Dreamr's City Car Registry

    Gotta have a Russel moment.. I went down to a park today after I finished cleaning her up. Even in my garage she turned yellow from pollen after 2 weeks on jack stands. Anyway Enjoy, I did untill the cops ran me out for using 4 parking spaces lol
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    Dreamr's City Car Registry

    Well then, I keep saying I have been working on my car but then I dissapear for a while. I can't attempt to capture all of the loving she has gotten over the last couple of years so lets just hit a few points along the path... Starting in January of 2011. Jan-April 2011 Well the time had...
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