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  1. Artbaileyjr

    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)

    Unfortunately, I'm 700 miles from my shop (I snowbird) or I would have done it myself. I agree with you, but this shop came well recommended and had done this before. Were it me; I would have taken ~most~ of it out with a cutting torch and as you said, scored the outer race with a die grinder &...
  2. Artbaileyjr

    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)

    So after reading all of these horror stories, it was time for the big bearing day. The knuckle came off quite easily thanks to the tips in this thread but the shop, who had experience, broke their press, and with a new press, they broke the knuckle. OK,... no biggie. It was heavilly rusted and...
  3. Artbaileyjr

    How many miles on original 3rd Gen Tranny?

    2002 EB: 169,000 mi. 3rd gear runaway issue @ 150,x.. and against all he sales jobs for a rebuild, a service and some adaptive computer training, and all is perfect. (No sludge in the pan @ 150,x..) Art
  4. Artbaileyjr

    How many miles on original 3rd Gen Tranny?

    I had the same experience with my '02, except that it was shifting badly. Two shops flatly refused to drop the pan, change the filter and replace the fluid. They insisted that a rebuild was the only answer. I stopped by a small one-man operation working out of an old filling station and told him...
  5. Artbaileyjr

    Haynes Repair Manuals for 2002 models

    Haynes manuals should be used for toilet tissue. As a car collector, when I get one with the car, I use it to start fires in my wood-burner. If you want good repair information, lay out the bucks and get the "Ford" service manuals. I picked up a three volume set for the EX for about a "C" note...
  6. Artbaileyjr

    Front diff oil

    It's a "nothing special/garden variety" differential. It won't add up to a hill of beans. Art
  7. Artbaileyjr

    How I changed my 05's Front Wheel Bearing

    Piece-O-Cake I did a front bearing/hub assy for the first time (for me) on my '02 EB today. Had a handful of Valium and a fifth of Jack Daniels, bandages, pullers and offset wrenches handy. I didn't need any of that stuff. A 29MM socket, a set of metric swivel sockets, a regular old 3/8" &...
  8. Artbaileyjr

    How to open glass lift gate?

    ...also... If you have the numeric keyless entry, after entering your code, press the 5/6 button and the window will unlatch. Art
  9. Artbaileyjr

    Passenger Seat Recline Lever

    I do as much shopping for these types of items at the local bone yard... Art
  10. Artbaileyjr

    Please explain why replacing burnt xmission fluid can be bad

    I believe that if the fluid were changed more frequently, then the servo bore issue would be a non-issue. 150K service intervals is simply stupid! I will always err on the side of frequent service. It has never failed me. Art
  11. Artbaileyjr

    Front End Howl

    Well.... That helps. - Thanks! Anyone else have any insight? Art
  12. Artbaileyjr

    Please explain why replacing burnt xmission fluid can be bad

    I am not an automatic transmission guru, but I AM a hydraulics guru. A transmission is a hydraulic device. My logic is: If the fluid is replaced, particulate (abrasives) are removed and the lubricating qualities are restored. In the case of the servo bore issue, if the servo bore is worn to...
  13. Artbaileyjr

    Please explain why replacing burnt xmission fluid can be bad

    I've been a moderator on another forum for many years and the same question has been debated ad nausium. There seems to be two schools of thought. One is that changing fluids after prolonged use (meaning a bazillion years) will cause immanent and relatively rapid transmission failure. The...
  14. Artbaileyjr

    Replaced Driver Side Front Wheel Hub, Still Hear Noise, HELP

    I'm also hearing a whine. I also purchased a wheel bearing/hub but didn't replace it after close inspection of both of mine. I can't find anything wrong either. Maybe it's the nature of the beast? Art
  15. Artbaileyjr

    Front End Howl

    Anyone? :dunno:
  16. Artbaileyjr

    How to Replace the 4x4 Shift Control Module (Easy Fix)

    Yep. What quandary said. A picture is worth a thousand words. ;) (above) Pull in the sides of the glove box until the shown tabs allow the glove box to drop open. Let it hang. (above) Remove the ONE vertical screw and pull the module and bracket straight out. Reach under...
  17. Artbaileyjr

    Need Help With A Big Project...

    I'm a firm believer that you should make it stop, before you make it go. I'd go after the brakes first. ;) Art :)
  18. Artbaileyjr

    Front End Howl

    I picked up my '02 EB in November of last year (2011). I noticed a minor howl in the front end. The tires had slight cupping and I simply attributed the sound to that. I drove the "X" 700 miles the day after I picked it up with 153,x.. on the clock, to my winter hangout. It is my daily driver...
  19. Artbaileyjr

    Spare Tire on Highway?

    Unfortunately; If you ran it any distance while it was deflated, the sidewalls will be damaged. It is visible from inside of the tire in the form of a "bulge". If there is any deterioration, ~most~ tire shops will NOT repair the tire as it is unsafe to run. Hopefully, you stopped soon enough...
  20. Artbaileyjr

    Service Engine? What do these codes mean?

    Always, Always, Always, correct vacuum leaks before further diagnoses or arbitrarily replacing more parts. Just a rule of thumb. :thumbsup: Art
  21. Artbaileyjr

    What kind of mileage is your 3rd gen getting?

    I've had my '02 EB 4.0L/auto for about three months. It has about 150,x.. miles on the clock. The day after I bought it, I snow-birded to the west coast (700 mi) It did 19.7 MPG. (avg speed 75 MPH w/cruise) I have since changed all fluids (t-case, trans, 2 differentials) and stuck a set of...
  22. Artbaileyjr

    2002 explorer chirping noise

    It was a mid-grade belt... About 40 bucks at Autozone. (Don't recall the brand) My old belt was actually in pretty good shape, so it was a PM kinda' thing. It's now a spare. (I always carry one) I was going to change it, but upon close inspection, it's true, tight and the rubber looks perfect...
  23. Artbaileyjr

    2002 explorer chirping noise

    Two idlers and a new serpentine belt took care of mine. Art ;)
  24. Artbaileyjr

    2002 awd 4x4 module replacement

    I picked mine up at an "Explorer only" dismantler. I asked him "How do I know if it works?" He said, "We'll plug it into your rig and see." One screw & two plugs, and my old one was out and the new one was in. Did it in the parking lot. Just flipped the glove box out and worked through the...
  25. Artbaileyjr

    Can't fill gas tank

    New to Explorer but long time car collector/restorer. Fuel tanks tend to accumulate water & water vapor. If this anti-spill door is mostly above the fuel level, metal parts are going to rust & corrode. The hinge point may suffer and potentially seize. For a multitude of reasons, water & water...