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  1. firefly1246

    Possible head gasket problem...

    Ouch, How are the passenger side valves and tops of the pistons. Cause I assume you have some bent valves, as it effectively skipped timing. The passenger side has a timing chain on the back side of the engine and the jack shaft connects that chain to the front chains. To specifically...
  2. firefly1246

    Possible head gasket problem...

    Since you are getting misfire codes, and lots of extra gas, need to check you are getting spark to those cylinders. Check the spark plugs. One side of the bank the spark plugs wear on the opposite side of the electrode. If the spark plugs aren’t double platinum plugs you could have excessively...
  3. firefly1246

    05 explorer XLT instrument cluster shorting out

    What condition is your battery and alternator? I have had this similar symptoms when I left the lights on and my battery voltage was very low. However, since charging it back up I haven’t had it since. Either that or sounds like there might be a loose wire. I know the wires in the driver...
  4. firefly1246

    High Mileage Sport Trac 250K and counting

    Hey Guys, its been awhile, but wanted to post an update on the Sport Trac, currently have 259, 177 miles on it and running well, still my daily driver. I am not putting as many miles on it , as we don't take it on many long trips and my commute to work is only 4 miles, so they are now about 80%...
  5. firefly1246

    2001 sport trac drivers seat

    2 places I recommend to look: eBay or junkyard. I purchased mine from LKQ online and it was out of a wrecked sport trac with 45k. I waited a couple months until I found one in great condition and the correct color. -Scott
  6. firefly1246

    Reasons to keep/fix

    Majority of the cost is the labor removing the engine and putting it back in. The price of $1800 for either front or rear doesn’t make sense. The rear chain requires the engine being removed. If you are doing the front then you can leave the engine in. Doing the front only should be cheaper...
  7. firefly1246

    Reasons to keep/fix

    With 300k you better do both front and rear if you decide to do the timing chains as you are on borrowed time. No point going halfway. I did mine at 250k when mine failed, both my front and rear ones failed. The front one was louder then the rear. I Got lucky the front one the broken piece...
  8. firefly1246

    Save money on oil?

    Scotty on YouTube recommends ATP-205. $10 for a bottle and it is supposed to return gaskets and o rings back to like new flexiblility without ruining them and making them mushy. My buddy put it in his 05 5.4 expedition (~190k miles) that leaked all the time from the rear main seal (maybe 1...
  9. firefly1246

    Strange ticking noise under load.

    This is actually a fairly common failure. So most likely was not be over zealous. The plastic degrades over time especially if the coolant isn’t replaced every 5 years. Good thing radiators are cheap and pretty easy to swap out.
  10. firefly1246

    Strange ticking noise under load.

    Well I am glad you found the problem. And Wow you will have to keep that cover as garage art. It is impressive it did that much rubbing prior to you knowing there was an issue. If you can’t find a new one. I would look at eBay or a junkyard. I don’t know if the cover is unique to the...
  11. firefly1246

    Strange ticking noise under load.

    You can remove the serpentine belt which will prevent your accessories and the fan from running. This will at least narrow down if it is something internal to the engine or something on the outside. I recommend doing this if the engine is cold since the water pump isn’t running and running too...
  12. firefly1246

    V8 vs V6: which lasts longer

    You know what now that you mentioned it, I agree with you. It didn’t inspect that particular vehicle but it did have negative camber. Maybe it was shot but not broken. Anyways it was having a bad day.
  13. firefly1246

    AC blowing hot. Compression kicking on and off. Freon charged.

    Add some UV dye to the system. If you have a manifold set then you can pour some into the input hose before you put your next can of refrigerant in. If you don’t have a manifold set (if you plan to fix the leak yourself you will need one and a vacuum pump) then get a can with dye and...
  14. firefly1246

    V8 vs V6: which lasts longer

    Very easy. Look at them, the ball joint boots are completely ripped open or there isn’t even a boot anymore. My job for the day was to do an inspection on each vehicle after the oil was changed. Mostly to note anything to the owner that needed attending to and verify oil/filter/plug are...
  15. firefly1246

    Strange ticking noise under load.

    I can’t 100% tell by the clip but sounds like s mini exhaust leak, but I also hear a metallic sound. I would first check your spark plugs, they loosen up over time and strip the threads. I had 2 of them go at one time and sounded very similar to the clip, but I had warning signs for the...
  16. firefly1246

    V8 vs V6: which lasts longer

    So my church does an event a couple times a year where we change oil for free for Single Moms. The majority of these vehicles have had a hard life and Maint is only performed if something is broken. This last time we did 87 vehicles mostly old Honda’s and Toyota’s, but we had 8 Explorers, most...
  17. firefly1246

    Ford newbie's Ressur-wreck-tion of an '05 Sport Trac XLT

    Awesome posts. Your truck is going to be awesome. Looks very similar to mine I did the same sun visors but I got mine from a Limited that had the garage door opener buttons built in. I wired them up by tieing them into the always on overhead console power. Buy one of the Bissel Green Machines...
  18. firefly1246

    05 Sport trac Gauge cluster issue?

    Can you get a cluster from a junk yard vehicle. Probably save you a ton of money. Just need to make sure you get one from a 4x4 if you have one and make sure you have the correct odometer style (digital for the later years or analog for the older ones). Only issue is the mileage won’t match up.
  19. firefly1246

    5r55s transmission upgrade or swap options

    I personally don’t have any knowledge of the jasper quality. But one of the primary causes of failure is the aluminum servo bores wearing out and causing the pressure applied to the bands to decrease which prematurely wears out the bands. The easiest fix is to purchase a kit that uses nitrile o...
  20. firefly1246

    Electric fan for better AC at slow speed ?

    This is a simple install for anyone that knows how to use a relay. Do a google search on the pinouts for a standard relay. Need main power (battery/battery post), ground (find a good bolt or borrow a ground already being used), 2 wires to and from the fans to the relay, and 1 turn on wire...
  21. firefly1246

    Gear Oil

    FYI: if you have limited slip (comes with tow package) make sure even if the gear lube says it has friction modifier already in it you MUST add a bottle of friction modifier. Your diff will howl around corners if you don’t. I can tell you from experience. I put Royal Purple in my rear diff...
  22. firefly1246

    New style A/C Freon cans with self seal valve

    Thanks for the info. FYI, just to make sure you get the language correct so you don’t confuse anyone. Long story short Refrigerant is the generic name while Freon is a specific type of Refrigerant that is not used in a 3rd gen explorer. Freon is the brand name for the older Refrigerant...
  23. firefly1246

    Building a Reliable 2005 3rd Gen

    I had an 04 v8 4x4 and had it for 160k. Absolutely loved it (until a guy pulled out in front of me and totaled it last year). My wife and I loved cruising in it on trips. Had the perfect amount of space, handled well, decent storage, loved the look of it, seats were super comfy. All vehicles...
  24. firefly1246

    Electric fan for better AC at slow speed ?

    On my 04 explorer living in SC in upper 90s my A/C always seemed to have plenty of capacity. I just would put it on recirculate/max A/C which sucks in the cold(er) air from inside the vehicle instead of pulling the hot outside air. I would check your fan clutch is operating properly and also...