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    Question about the Factory Subwoofer

    Great thread i also want to add the factory sub enclosure setup on my 02 XLT.
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    No Crank, No Start

    I had problem very similar to this before in a 01 XLT. seems like it could be the ignition starter switch may the problem some of the wires may not be making contact or the whole part needs to be replaced below is a link to what the switch looks like...
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    Radio issue

    You should be able to find the exact same radio you have on eBay
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    96 EB weak sound

    If you have the JBL Factory system the sub might be a 6 inch. The 98-01 Explorers with the Mach audio system has the 8 inch sub enclosure.
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    navi system issue

    You can find the whole navigation unit on Ebay for cheaper.
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    98 Explorer + junkyard sub

    It would be better and less hassle to just use a aftermarket amp. The stock amp does not sound great. I have a 99 EB with the mach audio system and want to replace mine with a aftermarket amp
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    1999 Ford Explorer Radio Cd And Tape In 1996 Ford Explorer

    I agree i was never able to turn up the volume past half way without it sounding like crap. got the same result in the factory and aftermarket units I've tried out. the premium stock amp needed to be bypassed or replaced just never got around to doing that when i had the truck.
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    1999 Ford Explorer Radio Cd And Tape In 1996 Ford Explorer This 16 pin factory reverse connector available on Ebay will make it just as easy as installing an aftermarket unit. I also ran into...
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    My 91 4x4 sport 5spd, (Florida Truck)

    nice ride i like the black interior with the white on it looks clean
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    From clunker to cruiser: 93 Sport 4x4

    sweet ride keep up the great work:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    What do you have in your Explorer?

    1. 02 sport stock audiophile headunit 2. stock premium speakers,replaced with jbl door speakers 4. 2 12'' subs .some Japanese brand i think , 600 watt american pro amp
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    Got it! 1999 Ford Explorer Sport

    good find thats one nice and clean sport u got there:thumbsup:
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    Green Beast

    is the x a 4wd or 2wd
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    Green Beast

    nice x . i gotta say ive never seen a fishing rod rack on one before but looks good tho
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    silverspook's 99 xlt

    nice ride u got there looks very clean
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    What kind of audio system do I really have?

    the top one (premium radio) is similar to one you have now (mach radio) has the rds feature
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    What kind of audio system do I really have?

    some XLT's had the mach system like the EB and Limited. its most likey you had that and the radio was replaced withe a diffrent one
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    my 97 xlt

    2/6/11 finally got the thermostat and the coolant flushed. it didnt look as bad as i thought it would , but the heat output is alot better now (dead links) the old thermostat was still intact (forgot to mention the temp gage is back to normal)
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    upgrade from stock to jbl or get aftermarket speakers

    i installed the factory jbl door speakers in my 97 x using a stock hu from an 02 sport .they work fine for me
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    98 Mach sub and amp install in 95 non Mach system

    hmm interesting i was planning on doing the same with my x. i also got the idea from the same thread probably. i would have to agree with joe on using an aftermarket amp and sub for the enclosure even though i think you can still use the stock sub not too sure on how good it would sound.
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    !997 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 2wd

    nice mounty u got there .is the interior green or gray and what was wrong with the suspension ?
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    High Mileage SOHC's Explorers

    2001 XLT SOHC 4x4 .parents got back in 04 with 70k looked & felt like it was a new truck wen my mom drove it home. it now has 203k today still runs good except the o/d light is blinking and the tranny seems likes its failing which means dosent have that much life left in it, some of the clear...
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    Justin's 97 XLT

    nice ride u got there :thumbsup:
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    Rolleye's '02 Explorer Sport

    nice sport .ive never seen an 02 sport with manual trans and no cruise control