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  1. montegun

    This ever happen to anyone before??

    just had that happen last month to me also i replaced the 2 linkage bolts with longer bolts and put nuts on the end with loc tite also spray some silicone lube on both ends of thhe shiftrer cable because the less resistance thew better it will be on the shift tube because theyre flimsy
  2. montegun

    95 Ford Explorer Sport. Engine shuts off when I shift into drive.

    i know this may not be the answer for your problem but on my mazda pickup my air intake hose was cracked and when shifted in to drive the crack would open up due to the motor moving when placed in any forward gear its worth a look i fixed mine with duct tape temporarily
  3. montegun

    2001 explorer sport power window help

    My 01 sport windows are not working at all I rolled them up an tried to roll them down an nothing checked all fuses and replaced the relay I'm getting no power at the switch can someone tell me what color wire brings POWs in to the switch so I can maybe bypass the problem for the time being any...
  4. montegun

    help with over heating problem please

    hoping someone can lead me in the right direction here 2001 explorer sport 4.0 sohc my truck has been acting funny lately i can let her run for 2 hours in park and temp stays right in the middle where it always does i can drive it around without the air on no problems turn the air on and it...
  5. montegun

    4.0 SOHC Tapping noise w/video

    i had a similiar noise from thar same area in my 01 sport turned out to be the timing chain tensioner 30 minute fix
  6. montegun

    interior lights will not go off

    do a search on door ajar light on it may not be the switch but a pinched wire i believe it is the blasck with yellow stripe that gets pinched at least thats what happened on my 01 sport any common explorer problem ive had it lol but i still love my ex
  7. montegun

    Carr Light Bar Gutterless Mount Kit

    my 4 day old light bar is now for sale in the parts section
  8. montegun

    Carr Light Bar Gutterless Mount Kit

    im currently installing a train horn lol ill put up pics of the install soon
  9. montegun

    Carr Light Bar Gutterless Mount Kit

    you have to drill a few holes in the truck where the door weatherstripping goes i put some silicone in the holes and on the screws before tightening down no leaks at all
  10. montegun

    Philadelphia area ??

    south philadelphia
  11. montegun

    Carr Light Bar Gutterless Mount Kit

    last 2 last one is my new h.i.d setup
  12. montegun

    Carr Light Bar Gutterless Mount Kit

    more pics
  13. montegun

    Carr Light Bar Gutterless Mount Kit

    heres some pics of my light bar installation was a snap with their gutterless mount kit i installed their rota bar so i could fold it down if need be the lights are something i had laying around im saving up for 2 sets of the kc h.i.d lights
  14. montegun

    Carr Light Bar Gutterless Mount Kit

    yeh ill post some pics and wouldnt mind meeting up sometime as far as the doors theyre coming off soon im going a different route with my truck gonna lift it just waiting on someone to make an offer on the hinges lol i got my light bar from rapco on hunting park ave amazon has it way cheaperf...
  15. montegun

    Inexpensive replacement steering wheel

    wow that looks great im going to try and order one now im so tired of those ugly steering wheel covers
  16. montegun

    offroad lights mounted in bed?

    did you see the light mount carr makes that mounts where your front license plate is
  17. montegun

    Carr Light Bar Gutterless Mount Kit

    hey i know this is an old post but any update on the carr light bar i just ordered mine today ill have tomorow i wanted to know how youre install went i got the rota -bar with the gutterless mount kit im in the philadelphia area as well the only ex-sport with lambo doors around lol
  18. montegun

    A few problems with my 2001 Explorer Sport.

    are you putting it in neutral before shifting to 4 low for some reason you dont have to do it to switch to 4 low
  19. montegun

    Can I swap a 98 4.0l sohc for a 2001 4.0l sohc?

    havent been on here in a while but i wouldnt recommend the 01 swap i would try for 02 and up my reason being is some of those 01 motors still were using the old timing chain guides and tensioner 02 has all the upgraded parts i personally did this swap with an 02 motor with 12k on it i had to...
  20. montegun

    Need help wiring amp to 4 door speakers

    i would just run speaker wire from the am in the rear to the factory speaker wires behind the radio if youre not pushing alot of power the factory wiring will be sufficient for adding a small four channel amp to compensate for the added bass
  21. montegun

    Could I add a remote start?

    i think what he means is can he add remote start and use his factory keyfob to activate the remote starter unit and the answer is yes
  22. montegun

    Performance Parts for 2001-2003 Ford Explorer Sport (found these...)

    i guess you were on explorerexpress i have the headers and the macs exhaust and volant air intake as far as hp gains i dont know but my 01 ex sport sounds nasty on the street and plenty of power (although it had plent of power before the upgrades ) i upgraded because i had my motor out did an 04...
  23. montegun

    Looks like I'm buying a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0

    i love my 01 sport plenty of power for me im jealous i wanted that orange color for the longest time best of luck with your new ex
  24. montegun

    got new wheels need new tires but what size

    hey i hope someone on here can help me i got new wheels for my 01 ex sport im currently running 285-60-18 tire can anyone tell me what size i would need in 20 inch to retain the height of my old tires thanks in advance
  25. montegun

    1997 Explorer 5.0L won't go into Park!

    wedge yourself underneath and check the two bolts like the ones in this picture thay are a t-30 torx and are very common for them to come loose here is the link to the thread with some info mine used to come loose all the time so i dabbed a lil blue loctite and its been almost a year now...