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  1. Heavymentill

    Wont hold alignment

    You couldn't be more wrong. The first step to doing an alignment is checking to make sure the tires have adequate pressure. Check all your bushings and pivot points to make sure they don't allow movement.
  2. Heavymentill

    Bleeding Steering Rack

    You can use a
  3. Heavymentill

    More ethanol....nice :(

    Ethanol is not good for older fuel systems not designed for it. It breaks down the seals and plastics.
  4. Heavymentill

    Flex plate adapter.

    The part I got from Ford was an updated version. You could see the machining marks on it unlike the cast original.
  5. Heavymentill

    abnormal drag?

    While the vehicle is idling observe if the RPM's drop when the A/C compressor engages. This will give you an idea if this is A/C compressor related.
  6. Heavymentill

    Flex plate adapter.

    Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page. I got mine from a ford dealer years ago.
  7. Heavymentill

    4R44E Valve Body torque values

    71-97 in lb As for the reverse servo 108-126 in lb
  8. Heavymentill

    cracked head?watch vid/comment

    Combustion Leak Test Procedure One method is to use a block tester, also known as a combustion leak tester, to determine if you have exhaust gases in your cooling system. A combustion test kit can be found at your local NAPA, auto parts store. The part number is 700-1006. The price for this...
  9. Heavymentill

    cracked head?watch vid/comment

    A combustion leak test and a radiator pressure test will help rule out a cracked head.
  10. Heavymentill

    new headers

    Ever seen a dragster where flames shoot out the headers? You want combustion to take place in the cylinders not the exhaust. On a side note the restriction the exhaust system provides also keeps the exhaust system hot after the engine is shut off so that cold air can not enter and warp an...
  11. Heavymentill

    Failed Inspection for Exhaust Leak

    Just check all the connecting points while idling before it warms up you will be able to feel with your hand where exhaust gases are escaping.
  12. Heavymentill

    new headers

    The small amount of back pressure caused by the exhaust system is desirable so that the combustion chamber stays hot enough for a more complete combustion. A small amount of back pressure about 2 3/4 lbs keeps the air-fuel mixture from going out the exhaust during valve overlap and results in a...
  13. Heavymentill

    Electronically controlled locking rear differentially.

    Auburn ected electric locker ford 8.8" 31 spline
  14. Heavymentill

    Is this likely the alternator?

    Check your battery with a hydrometer. You can get a cheap one in the $5 to $10 range. Also most parts stores will test your alternator for free. (auto zone)
  15. Heavymentill

    Valve Body Alignment Guide Pins...

    The guide pins are screwed into the case before installing the valve body to make sure the valve body lines up properly. They are then removed and replaced with the appropriate valve body bolts.
  16. Heavymentill

    Valve Body Alignment Guide Pins...

    The guide pins are just temporary, they are screwed into where the valve body bolts go.
  17. Heavymentill

    Valve Body Alignment Guide Pins...

    You can do it without the guide pins. If you feel the need. Get some bolts the same diameter but a little longer and cut the heads off so they act in the same manor that the guide pins would.
  18. Heavymentill

    Broken manifold to y-pipe bolts...what did you do?

    I have drilled them out and tapped them. You can also try welding a nut on the busted stud. I have also used a oxy/acetylene to burn out the old stud. I have seen people just put a nut and bolt with washers in the new hole. Taking the heads off is a lot of unnecessary work. The best way to...
  19. Heavymentill

    I need a picture (4r55e) harness plug!

    WIRE COLOR IDENTIFICATION Terminal No. Wire Color Circuit 1 Red TCC Power 2 Green/White TSS Signal (+) 3 Gray/Red TSS Signal Return (-) 4 Orange/Black TFT Sensor Signal (+) 5 Pink/Yellow TCC Solenoid 7 Pink/Black Shift Solenoid No. 3 8 Green/Red TFT Sensor Signal Return (-) 9...
  20. Heavymentill

    4R44E transmission HELP

    The intermediate band lever shaft is shorter than the front band lever shaft.
  21. Heavymentill

    4R55E problem

    I would start by checking the external and internal shift linkage.
  22. Heavymentill

    How to: Ford 4R55E Transmission removal & installation instructions.

    It is possible to remove and install the catalytic converter with the crossmember in place. Don't over think it, relying on the instructions and not common sense is going to drive you crazy. As for the transfer case being removed, that is up to you. I personally think the extra effort it take...