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    Wanted: 1st Gen Sunroof Interior Shade Cover

    Looking for an interior sunroof shade cover for a 1st gen in any color. If you have one, let me know!
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    05 Rear Diff Whine vs. 02-04

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone knows if the rear end whine was solved in the 05's vs. the 02-04's. My 04 has the usual terrible whine at 60mph and it's been tolerable for 40k miles but it's starting to drive me up a wall. If the 05's had it fixed, was thinking of doing a used axle swap vs...
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    FS: 1994 Lifted Manual EB Explorer - $2000

    Breaks my heart to type this, but I think it's time for my baby to find another home. Don't have the time anymore to enjoy her on the trails, but hoping someone else would be willing to carry on enjoying the decade of awesomeness I've had with this truck. An absolute blast on the rocks, mud, and...
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    For Sale 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

    Aw man! I was just thinking about your truck, wondering if you still had it. I just got mine back on the road after sitting for 2 years. Don't let her go!! - but if you have to, good luck with the sale!
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    Post yer 94 pictures

    4'' lift with 33's
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    Saga of a new ( to me ) 2002 Mercury Mountaineer

    I had to laugh when I saw this post, if you change the price and model year to 2004 EB with 75k miles, it's the same thing i'm going through with a Craigslist special I picked up 2 months ago. I've replaced almost everything you had on your list sans wheel bearings as of the past month, last...
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    Post yer 94 pictures

    Good ol Amazon - looks like they still have some, however the price is $100 more then when I bought it from there 3 years ago...
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    Post yer 94 pictures

    Thanks! Yep, it's a Hurst short throw...absolutely love it. Changes the feel of driving completely...can't recommend it enough!
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    Post yer 94 pictures

    Somehow i've been subscribed to this thread for years, but never posted my truck...for shame!!
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    In Dash Android Carputer

    Definitely, it's a perfect fit. It's only $45 bucks on Amazon too
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    In Dash Android Carputer

    Nope! it was the only way to make it work, plus it had a physical keyboard on it so had to get crafty.
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    Comment by 'LiKuiD' in media 'Dash_after'

    Hmm I have not but after taking a quick look i'm gonna have to try it out...looks neat!
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    In Dash Android Carputer

    The app is called "Car Dashdroid" ties in nicely to everything else. Allows for Google Now hotword detection from the dash screen and can redirect into Google Play, Waze, etc.
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    In Dash Android Carputer

    Thought some of you would enjoy this. The factory 4x4 button dash mount has been a revolving door for random tech in my truck the past several years. Started out with a TripMinder computer from a 88 Cougar that eventually crapped out, then ended up cutting a broken Android phone in half and...
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  16. Dash_before


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    2016 Ford Nationals Carlisle, PA / EF 20th anniversary get together

    So I can finally meet the man personally responsible for enabling my Explorer addiction for the past 15 years? Sign me up! :thumbsup: :exporange
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    TripMinder Message Center Install!

    Yeah - they sure are a pain to find. I actually got mine from a guy off the Tbird forums with a wanted post - give it a shot
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    TripMinder Message Center Install!

    Wow - that's some nice info there...solves the mystery of why this project would never work on a 93/94 PCM, but fine on 91/92. Hope it helps someone else in the future who may give this a shot. My message center display gave out this Feb when we had a string of freezing days, so I cut an old...
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    NJ Wharton State Forest Under Attack

    Ugh what a shame...nothing says forest preservation like cutting down trees to keep people out...
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    NJ Wharton State Forest Under Attack

    Signed and sent out to others as well.
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    4.0 OHV Maintenance Suggestions

    Excellent, appreciate the info!
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    4.0 OHV Maintenance Suggestions

    Looking for some maintenance/replacement suggestions on a 1994 4.0 OHV with 150k miles on the clock. For a 21 year old engine, it still runs incredibly smooth. Even with 4.56s and 33's I get 17-18mpg on the highway so i'm thinking it's running pretty efficiently, however i'm concerned of...