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    2003 Explorer 4.6 slow to start

    I had the pressure checked at a local garage. biswrest Did the fuel filter help?
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    2003 Explorer 4.6 slow to start

    I never got a definitive answer but have been told by most folks that it is a bad regulator or check valve meaning I will need a new fuel pump. Due to economic circumstances I haven't been able to put a new fuel pump on it but have been driving it over a year now and the problem is no better or...
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    2003 Explorer 4.6 slow to start

    I left out some very important information. I did have the fuel pressure checked and while running the pressure is around 65 but drops off almost immediately to nothing when engine is shut off. I called a local dealership to ask about a pressure regulator but all they could come up with was a...
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    2003 Explorer 4.6 slow to start

    Thanks for the reply and advice. I do believe I have a bad fuel pump. Is the pressure regulator in the tank on the 03s? I have access to a nearly new fuel pump from an '07 Exlporer with the same engine. Would you happen to know if they are interchangeable?
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    2003 Explorer 4.6 slow to start

    My '03 Explorer, 130,000 miles, has recently started to crank longer than usual before it starts, on occasion taking a 2nd attempt to get it started, but usually starts immediatley on 2nd attempt. It has yet to fail to start at all. It almost cranks like it is flooded. I haven't noticed any...
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    Wheel Speed Sensor, 03 Explorer 4x4

    Got an ABS randomly coming on with some brake pulsation. code read "no signal to left front wheel speed sensor". Parts houses were all closed by the time we checked the code. Is this an easy fix and how expensive are these sensors. Thanks Steve B
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    door ajar?

    I have an 03 Explorer and about two weeks ago the door ajar light started coming on and the dome light and mirror lights won't go off. I can hit the reset and the message goes away and the dome light usually goes off but it takes a long time. On two occasions since the door ajar light has been...
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    limited slip clutches

    I posted earleir about the possibility of the brakes sticking on my 03 explorer. It turns out that I wasn't even feeling a brake problem. The problem is a shuttering/grabbing when I come out of a stop and turn the wheels. I was told that this was likely the cluthces sticking on the limited slip...
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    brakes sticking?

    I have a '03 explorer 4x4 and when it has been driven for a while the back brakes feel like they stick. I can feel a small thud in the rear tires when I place my hand on them and the truck is rolled forward slowly. I have taken it to two different shops and both say the brakes, rotors, calipers...
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    towing ?

    according to that information I have a 3.73 limited slip which puts me well within range of anything I would ever tow. What a great forum, I just found out in ten minutes what I have been looking for since last fall. much appreciated. Steve B
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    towing ?

    I have a '03 Ford Explorer, 4wd, Eddie Bauer edition, 4.6 v8. I bought it last year to tow a small travel trailer, 2600 lbs (dry weight). We used it to tow the camper, four people and three dogs to Nashville TN and Marietta GA from Lexington KY. I didn't really experience any problems but I...
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    new to group

    hi all, my name is Steve and I have an '03 Explorer, Eddie Bauer edition. We bought it used last fall. I do have some questions and will be posting on the appropriate forums. I look forward to learning some things about my Explorer. Steve B