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    Toyota forums

    I just sold my explorer and bought a toyota sequoia. Does anyone know of any good toyota forums?
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    New Roof rack & Lights

    Very nice rig!! Its ppl like you who make me miss my Ex. haha
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    Magnaflow Exhaust

    I am guessing you are going for power rather than sound. So I would recommend Magnaflow, less restrictive thus more power. Are you planning on doing headers in the future?
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    So long Explorere Forum....

    I was looking at the coupe. 556rwhp will give you infinite whiplash. lol Thanks man. Training squadron is easy but I get to pick and choose my deployments so that is really nice.
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    So long Explorere Forum....

    Wow I'm dumb. I cant even spell Explorer in the thread headline. lol I will always be on to give extra advice where needed. Its a 2011 Lexus IS-F 300 or Caddy CTS-V. I am so torn right now.
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    So long Explorere Forum....

    I am leaving to beloved EF after some good yrs. I have to get my sports car phase out of the way while I'm still young. I am selling my beautiful Ex after all the yrs she has been good to me. Feel free to repost this in the appropriate forum. Feel free to send me a PM about the Ex. Thank you...
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    spacer lift, rear lower control arm

    There are some members in the process of doing a SAS. Search for em.
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    Make my V6 sound like a V8.

    JBA headers and Magnaflow
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    Motor and Transmission swap

    Just put the factory motor and trans in. No use in trying to drop a Cobra or 2JZ. haha
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    Just a thought

    As far as the V8 Explorers go, the 99 F150 5.4l manual trans works for the Explorer I know of one person who has done it.
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    Just a thought

    I still have mine. It was factory stock but the Ranger trans bolts straight on. I have heard of a few people doing it but I dont think they started a build thread.
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    New Pics My Truck Today

    Nice Danner boots you get there! haha I put my old jungle boots in my truck for getting dirty.
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    cam or turbo?..supercharger?

    The M90 will be your best bet. Search for the thread on it. I know of one other person who had a sucessful build with it with a few modifications.
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    any one want to sell me there roof rack that they look off

    I need crossbars if youre willing to sell them seperate from the rack as a whole. PM me
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    Wheel Opinions

    Thats really close to the moto metal version but a bit cheaper. looks good though!
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    Removing Front Dif For Good?

    Are you planning on dropping the supercharger in as well?
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    why no sas?

    He said the rear is out of a 2005 Sport trac and the font is a Dana 30 out of a jeep cherokee.
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    How to: Mountaineer Cluster installed - Pics, problems, fixes, walk-thru WARNING! 35 pics!

    Does anyone know if i will have to do anything special if i buy a used instrument cluster for a manual transmission from an automatic?
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    Short-throw shifter

    Is there a good short throw shifter for SUVs or trucks out there?
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    Wind Splitters/Boat Tails/Kammaback/Aerodynamic Mods for MPG?

    Then again the best choice is not to purchase an SUV if your main concern is mileage. haha Unless you want a crossover SUV, then you might get better mpgs.
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    Performance shops

    Thanks bro.
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    How to: Headlight Restore/HID/Subwoofer replacement

    The headlights wont be too hard after you get a buffer and some Mothers restoration supplies. The sub/amp will be up to you and how loud/hard you want it to hit.
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    Performance shops

    I am temporarily stationed here and my vehicle is registered in Alabama so hopefully I dont have to deal with that nonsense.
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    Performance shops

    Whatcha talking about Willis?
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    baja bar

    looks like it will fall off if you do any real offroading. Mine did even after bracing the 90 degree bends.