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    want to welcome myself

    Just want to say HI to everyone:salute: I think this site is great and will help me a lot to understand my new 2012 Exp. This is my second one. I had a 2002 before this one for 10 years.
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    new front grill

    thanks im going ahead and having it painted. i have a frend that does RV's but said he will paint it for only $100. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!:exp:
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    new front grill

    i want 2 thank every1 who send me a reply. im going to go with peterk9 sugguestion and have the grill painted. again thanks to every1
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    new front grill

    im looking 4 a new white front grill for a 2012 explorer. im looking for the best price posible. any1 that can help.
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    Backup camera

    i just got me a new 2012 explorer. i want to install a backup camera. I don't want to drill a hole in the new truck. any ideal or sugguestions on how it can be done. :exp: