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    ABS light comes on, engine dies won't restart

    Thought I would do a follow up on the problem. The truck had an aftermarket alarm. I disconnected the power to it and bypassed the the starter interupt with a 10 amp fuse. It has been about six months and not a problem. B.
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    ABS light comes on, engine dies won't restart

    I rechecked the voltage it was about 13.8. I turned the lights on and the voltage dropped then it recovered. Then revved it up to 2000 rpms and the voltage went up to 13.9. I believe that you are right with the alternator being bad. It looks like it is going on the to do list for this weekend...
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    ABS light comes on, engine dies won't restart

    The cables look petty good. I cleaned them before putting in the new battery. B.
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    ABS light comes on, engine dies won't restart

    It shows that the battery is charging at a pretty good rate. Is there any way to test the alternator? B.
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    ABS light comes on, engine dies won't restart

    We recently obtained an '01 Ranger about 1 month ago. Yesterday while driving the abs light came on and the engine died and wouldn't restart just click. The battery tested bad and was replaced. Today while driving the ABS light came on and it died and would only click. I jumped it off and got...
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    Help with pinging/dieseling noise '02 SOHC

    Here's their website B.
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    OBD system "not ready"

    I had only two key starts and drove it about 3 miles. I didn't think the system would have to relearn after clearing the code. It was at the emissions station where their equipment said the OBD was not ready. They said there may be problems not yet identified because the vehicle's system had...
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    OBD system "not ready"

    I was going to get my ST emissions tested and the check engine light came on. Come to find out the fuelcap was loose and it set the trouble code. I was able to erase the code with the use of a scanner and went on to the Inspection Station where it was rejected because the system was not ready...
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    Instrument light replacement

    Is there an easy way to replace the lights on the instrument panel? Thanks, B.
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    Where in America to off road?

    There is an area on the Ky/ Tn border about 120 miles wnw of Nashville, Tn called Land Between the Lakes. They have and OHV area thats pretty nice with rustic camping on site. The web site is Hope this helps, B.
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    4 speed auto to 5 speed auto

    I was wondering if anybody has done a swap of the newer 5 speed auto transmission for the 4 speed auto. If so, what does it involve. I am just anticipating the day my current trans heads south. Thanks, B.
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    FREE SET OF PIAA 9007'S!!!! And the winner is...

    Definitly need a set . I work nights.:cool:
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    Fuel Delivery Problem ????

    You might want to check for voltage at the fuel pump/sending unit electrical connector located on the left frame rail. There should be a pink/black wire which should show voltage when the key is turned on. It does sound like it is the fuel pump. As far as the VIP, Haynes shows it in the wiring...