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    2005 Mountaineer Stalling

    I've got a 2005 Mountaineer, 4.6L sohc, 80k miles. A few days ago I was driving it and it just shut off. I did not panic and just put it in neutral and restarted it. It started normally and ran fine. Today, the wife reported that it did the same thing again. From doing a search here, it seems...
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    1999 Explorer Will Not Move

    1999 4.0l SOHC, 5 spd auto. I drove my EX yesterday for a couple of miles during which it would not shift out of 2nd gear, it jerked and popped several times, O/D light on, and finally, after stopping and restarting, it would not move at all. It was like the transfer case was in neutral. My...
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    Sudden Auto Transmission Failure

    Park does work. I will drop the pan though and check. I'll also look for fluid flow through the cooler (before I drop the pan). The pump gear theory seems plausible. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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    Sudden Auto Transmission Failure

    What would cause a pump to fail so suddenly and cleanly with no indication before it went?
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    Sudden Auto Transmission Failure

    Did not try that but I'm 99.9 % positive that no power was being transfered to the driveshaft as when I put it in gear, the engine did not react at all. With a torque converter failure I would suspect some noise in the form of rattling parts or screeming fluid flow to be present. I'm thinking...
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    Sudden Auto Transmission Failure

    1994 Explorer 4x4 Automatic My daughter was returning from work lastnight and experienced a sudden trans failure. She said that when she pulled out onto the highway the trans shifted normally from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3, but when it shifted into overdrive it suddenly popped and immediately she...
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    Explorer Suddenly Died!!!

    It was the ground cable. Came loose during her drive to work. Cleaned it and retightened it. Wife is happy so all is good. GO HOKIES...BEAT OHIO
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    Explorer Suddenly Died!!!

    Thanks greenmonster. I've been thinking about it and that makes sense. The connection to the battery was good when she started it this morning then it lost battery connection sometime while driving to work but ran off of the alternator. Therefore, when she stopped it, there was no power coming...
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    Explorer Suddenly Died!!!

    Wife called :eek: . She got to work in our '99 4.0 SOHC X. It ran fine, but when she went to lock the doors using the key fob, it would not lock. She then tried to lock it using the key pad and again nothing. She then discovered that the entire electrical system was dead, engine would not crank...
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    Creaking/popping sound....Tie Rods?

    I'm betting on the cv joint. Just replaced one on my Taurus that exhibited a popping when turning.;)
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    Bleeding brakes

    What's so "special" about bleeding ABS. I've always just started with the right rear and worked my way to the front left, starting with the farthest and then working to the closest to the master cylinder. That's if you need to bleed the whole system or when changing the fluid of course.