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    stock 283 into B4000?

    KICK STARTING an old thread, but what the heck! My Son's 93 XLT was my first build, 355 SBC, T350 built, 3.73 L/S 7.5 out of 87 Bronco II: My TOY is a 94 XLT, 360 SBC, T350 kitted, 99 Expo 8.8 3.73 L/S narrowed 3", and rear suspension moved to under frame using stock Expo front spring...
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    The Force Awakens... 2001 Ford Ranger Edge 5.0L Swap!

    Just curious as to your status and update on this build? I went a different route myself, but like to see what others do.
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    98 b3000 v8awd swap?

    ================== My 98 5.0L 4x4 was finished the middle of July 2016 and is a BLAST to drive! I bought a 00 Explorer 5.0L AWD and swapped the drivetrain into a 98 4x4 chassis with 3.73 gearing, the Expo was 3.55's. I plan to go full AWD this summer, as the PVH system isn't working. So I...
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    2001 Sports Trac V8 swap

    Why not find an 98-00 Explorer 5.0L AWD and swap it into your Sportrak? Would be a whole lot easier and you could bore & stroke the 5.0L to 347 & mod the heads or go with aluminum heads for a lot less than the Coyote. AND I think you miss a 0 in your post, cause you ain't gonna buy a Coyote...