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    Putting 2.9L A4LD behind 4.0L bad idea?

    mine Is a 1990, the one on craigslist is a 1989, supposedly had 70000 on the vehicle it came out of but the dude that got the truck for the motor said it was hard miles, that the guy couldnt keep it out of the ditches aparently, I dont know what to do about a torque converter
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    Putting 2.9L A4LD behind 4.0L bad idea?

    Would It be worth putting one that came off a 2.9L 4X4 onto my 4.0L? I found one on craigslist for a few hundred bucks. My mechanic says he wouldnt waste 1200$ on a new A4LD because my 4.0L engine could blow at any time, they suposedly have head problems and mine leaks a tiny bit of coolant into...
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    Anyone heard of this A4LD problem??

    Ok, If you try to take off with the selector in OD it will not go anywhere. If you take off with the selector in D,2,1 it will work perfectly fine. Reverse works perfectly fine also... But, Overdrive is not broke if you get up to speed and put the selector into OD it will shift into OD and will...
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    Where to plumb aftermarket mechanical oil and temp gauges in 4.0L 1990

    my oil pressure gauge isint acting right and my temp gauge isint moving much, where can I install a mechanical oil pressure gauge and temp gauge? Thanks
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    The A4LD no movement in overdrive problem...

    I have been searching this message board and have seen at least 6 other people with what sounds like the exact same problem. The vehicle will not move when the shifter is in the overdrive posisition,, I had my truck up to speed and shifted into OD and then it worked, when I got to the stop sign...