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  1. J

    GM Onstar now available for the Explorer!

    @Calb...I only kept ours for the free period(1 yr). Due to we had a Garmin & smart phones, the onstar wasn't really necessary. However the 911 part of OnStar stayed with the life of the car/SUV.
  2. J

    GM Onstar now available for the Explorer!

    We had Onstar with all our GM/Buick cars. I loved it. There are different tiers of OnStar--so you pay for what you use it for. I think the highest tier was $200 a year(for all the features- turn by turn etc.). I liked talking to a person when I needed to. Now if you have integrated Nav, not...
  3. J

    Thinking of painting bumpers

    Oh looks AWESOME!!!
  4. J

    Sirius Signal Drop Out

    My last 3 vehicles all had Sirius or XM for 3-6 mos "free". ALL of them had dropped reception near over passes, heavily wooded areas, my garage, and sometimes in open areas. I never renew the services..I use an iTouch.
  5. J

    SYNC Question

    I know you can add up to 4 (I think)phones to the Explorer. Not sure about your other question as I've never tried it.
  6. J

    Would you upgrade to mft 2.11 ??

    I started off at 2.8..had a few glitches & the same with the "garbled" music through usb(very seldom but it happens). I have an appointment for 8/2....I figure I can cancel if I choose not to get it done because of others reviews.
  7. J

    2012 Explorer

    I've seen the dark blue on other Fords not on the 12s yet. Kona is lighter in shade & has the purple tint, the dark blue doesn't have as much metal flake, so doesn't reflect as much. Definitely doesn't have the same tint as the kona.
  8. J

    2012 Explorer

    The dark blue pearl is less purple than the kona. I love my kona blue, get lots of compliments on it. But, it is not available on the '12s.
  9. J

    I tried way to hard!!!

    The love, Dean...the love! You know, I'm glad everyone is sad so sad about your beauty though.
  10. J

    What improvements came with V2.11?

    I do consider myself lucky..I haven't had any problems except minor glitches with MFT. I love my Explorer. :)
  11. J

    When are you going to update to 2.11?

    Mine goes in 8/2....I have 2.8 right now with minor issues(very slow compared to when I first got the car), a white screen with no use of steering wheel functions, black screen with use of steering wheel functions and 2 reboots besides mentioned prior).
  12. J

    What improvements came with V2.11?

    I have the iphone4, no one has complained about noise when I am talking to them..whether parked or driving. I can hear everyone perfectly. Originally when I got my Ex I couldn't hear anyone(I had a Samsung Rogue) amount of playing with phone volume or radio volume did the trick. I have had...
  13. J

    Confirmed Version 2.11

    Wow..fabulous!!! I was just asking on FB yesterday if there was a date yet for this(she said not yet). We are going to NC in 25 days & I wanted to get my '11 in for a complete "check up" & upgrade before leaving. I hope it continues to receive high marks from you!!!
  14. J

    Am i the only person that has no problems with mft?

    I am not discounting anyone's problems. But, it seems the same folks post over & over again..and it appeared that this(from those that also post on the Explorer FB page) turned people off from coming here. We all agree we WANT to know when someone has a problem & how/if it was fixed. I am...
  15. J

    Am i the only person that has no problems with mft?

    I own an '11 XLT..delivered in April. I stopped coming to this forum because it seemed like it just became a ***** fest(excuse my French). How many times do the same people have to complain about their MFT??? I have had 2 "glitches" with mine..neither time did it require a service date, a fuse...
  16. J

    I can't smell anything :(

    Mine still smells like a new car...and I have had it over a month. I have had many vehicles with leather interior & don't recall smelling "leather".
  17. J

    2012 Ford Explorer Order Guide

    Guess that makes my Kona Blue extra special! I can understand no Tuxed Black..but I thought the only color change was the ginger ale replacing gold leaf. Is cinnamon a red or bronze color? I can't read the PDF-says I don't have permission.
  18. J

    My 2011 Explorer Order Cancelled By Ford Because of 2012

    The change of color is no gold leaf & the replacement color is "gingerale". The FWD will have the 4 cyl eco boost option. Those are the only differences in the 2012MY. My guess would be your dealers allocation caused them to be pushed back beyond the date of scheduling for the last of the '11s.
  19. J

    2011 Ford Explorer woes.

    WOW! Lots of issues there...or perhaps just one issue-the MFT. Sounds like you have a bad APIM module. I have 2.7 runs flawless(no navigation). I have had zero issues with my Explorer. My build was late March, delivery in mid-April, 850 miles on it. I have not even had a "system...
  20. J

    My 2011 Explorer Order Cancelled By Ford Because of 2012

    Only difference in 2011 is the color gold leaf will not be available & a new color called ginger ale will take it's place. The other difference is the option of the 4 cyl eco boost on FWD models. Craig said everything else is the change will probably be slight in 2113 or 14 models...
  21. J

    My 2011 Explorer Order Cancelled By Ford Because of 2012

    Why would they cancel orders taken a month ago? Craig over on FB was saying they will start taking orders for 2012 on May I would assume anything ordered before that(especially a month ago) would be built.
  22. J

    Options you miss from your XLT

    If you are referring to me, my XLT doesn't have memory seats..LOL
  23. J

    Options you miss from your XLT

    Our 2010 Buick LaCrosse had 2 memory settings...1 for each key. I believe our Volvo CX90 had the same set up, my 4Runner & Yukon didn't have memory seats.
  24. J

    What type of gas milage has everyone been getting on 2011 Explorers???

    XLT-AWD averaging around 20 in town & 22 highway. Try to stay between 70 & 75mph on highway.
  25. J

    Options you miss from your XLT

    The first thing my husband said when he first drove my Explorer was, "Thank God these don't have memory seats!". We always use my key..therefore in my other vehicles he would end up with his knees at his chin! I got the XLT with power liftgate & dual moon roof....nothing else I really...