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    Want to buy free floating rocker arms

    Hi every body. Does any body know a person that still machines and sells the spacers for the 4.0 ohv rocker arms? I saw them on Ebay a few years ago should have bought them then but I was not ready to build my 4.0 at the time. Now that I am building it with 410 cam delta rockers smith brother...
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    4.0 ohv rocker arm oiling fix

    Hi I just want to see if any you guys have tried this fix I'm planing. I have bought the 410 cam delta rocker arm asm and smith brothers push rods. The factory rocker and push rods were metal to metal for a long time. Ford could have come up with a better oiling system than that crap design. Any...
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    A4LD servo springs missing

    Hi Im attempting to rebuild my first transmission. My friend gave me the A4LD out of his wrecked Bronco II. Im building it to put in my Ranger its transmission quit pulling in d and r so I figer it not worth building. I got the Bronco II transmission torn down and found none of the servos have...
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    95 fenders & hood on a 93 Explorer.

    Thanks for the info. Does any body have instructions for doing the front end swap? Im a good mechanic but terrible at body work. Dont worry about the 4.0 out of the Explorer I got plans for it to go in my 88 Ranger. The old 2.9 on its last leg.
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    95 fenders & hood on a 93 Explorer.

    Hi new guy here I have a 93 Explorer sport with only 38000 orignal miles bought it from any old woman. Any how im going to make a street truck out of it I have a 5.0 out of a 90 mustang im going to put in. I also have a 95 explorer hit in the rear so its just for parts. I like the rounded front...