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    Has Anyone Seen A $750 Intake Gasket Estimate

    I was looking into a vacuum leak, and a few of those stupid "How long does a car last" sites listed the intake as a common point of failure with an average repair cost of $750-900+. Has anyone actually seen an estimate that high?? I'm trying to figure out what in the world they're doing to...
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    factory sub with aftermarket headunit?

    No my JVC powers it fine. Actually way better than factory. Only weird thing- only the white RCA works. The red does nothing.
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    STOCK radio wiring doesn't match diagrams

    Fire anyone's else, I use adapters too, even being an electrician, but the 04 adapter doesn't fit my 04, so I'm thought maybe mix year change and checked 05, and here's this dude I'm the same boat as me. Was there a change over 04-05 like Old/New 2000 Silverados?
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    2004 Wiring Doesn't Match

    Can anyone confirm there was a radio harness change in 2004? The part number and every search lead to the same info and adapter. 2005 is a different adapter and looks similar shaped in the pictures. The part number is 7021 I believe. It looks like what's in my F150 2006 but that's custom ordered...